The Style Pyramid of Loafers

Loafers are a great choice as shoes to wear with dresses. The classic loafer is a timeless men's shoe that can be worn with both casual and formal outfits.

You will often hear about the style pyramid of fit and fabric. These three elements are what make any clothing item fashionable - they also apply to shoes.


Your shoes' fit is the key. It's easy for loafers to slip this one up.

You can put on loafers with or without socks. This is possible if you don't have thick socks. Also, it is a good idea to go one size smaller than your usual size.


You can choose from leather or suede when you buy dress loafers.

Leather loafers look smarter. They can be worn with either a formal or casual outfit. They are also more durable and can be worn with a full suit or a tailored outfit.

Loafers are available in many different colors, so it can be difficult to choose. I suggest sticking with the classic colors: black, brown, oxblood navy, gray, and grey.

Black is the traditional color for dress loafers, but brown and oxblood are more versatile.

Buy bit loafers that aren't too gaudy. 


What is the best way to pair dress loafers and clothes? What loafers should I wear?

  • Wear a suit with loafers - Avoid wearing loafers in the Italian style that looks too small. Look for dress loafers that have a thick sole, high vamp, and a heel. BARABAS Barocco Greco are perfect.
  • Going out on a date? You can dress up with a polo shirt and a navy jacket to make your outfit more sophisticated.
  • A laid-back evening? BARABAS DRESSED ROOM shoes to wear with dresses like jeans in a medium-dark wash and a button-down shirt. You can add to the relaxed vibe by unbuttoning one or two buttons on your shirt and rolling the sleeves.
  • With shorts? None. Shorts are not compatible with dress loafers. More appropriate are driving moccasins or boat shoes.

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