Explore your energy with BARABAS MEN leopard shirts

Leopard shirts are a must to have an item in every man's closet. And BARABAS MEN offers some quality full sleeve and short sleeve leopard print shirts for every occasion.

So, take a look at the wide variety of leopard shirts that suits your taste

Wild At Heart

Whoever said pink is not a manly color has not seen the Wild At Heart leopard long sleeve shirts by BARABAS MEN. The long sleeve of the shirt with button fastening and breathable fabric is an ideal piece for the summer.

Jungle Rose

Instead of regular black or blue-collar, the Jungle Rose polo shirt is truly a catch. From a campus program to a night out, this shirt plays the entire role efficiently. Furthermore, the piece is a designer one. So, it won’t make you blend into the crowd. Add your personal touch with the leopard short sleeve shirts and make them unique.

Borocco Leopard

Leopard prints are already taking over fashion. But, crystal details on the shirt are yet to become new normal. So, why don’t you try the BARABAS MEN’s Borocco Leopard summer long sleeve shirt? This vibrant, eye-catching statement piece exhibits your outgoing personality. So, carry it with your confidence and let the shirts do wonders.

Wild At Dawn

The full sleeve shirt looks exactly like a leopard at dawn. So, if you are willing to sport a funky and edgy look with this black and navy blue animal printed shirt, this is a must-have item in our closet.

Wild Meandros

History and fashion are interconnected to each other. And the Wild Meandros Leopard long sleeve shirts by BARABAS MEN have Greek and Roman arts with a Jaguar head printed at the front. Not just the design, the shirt is a perfect match in terms of comfort. So, feel free to get this shirt and pair it accordingly.

Leopard Love

The summer calls for some soft and comfortable fabrics. And this piece has a white base that allows you to wear it all day long. Also, the minutely designed leopard all over the shirt makes it different from other animal prints. So, if you are an outgoing person, you can carry this shirt to a casual business meeting with the other formal suits and blazers.

Snow Leopard

This shirt is exactly how it was named. The shirt has a dual-tone effect that gives the shirt a snow leopard vibe. The cotton fabric of the long sleeve shirt makes it ideal for summer. Also, if you are towards the heavier side, this shirt has a slimming effect.


Looking for the leopard button-down shirts comes to an end with the BARABAS MEN. It is a true classic fit leopard print shirt that goes with any denim. So, if you are a true animal print fan, it is a must to have an item in your closet this year.

Amur Leopard

Enough of leopard prints. How about the entire leopard on your shirt? The Amur Leopard full sleeve shirt has all over tiny leopards. The spread collar and breathable fabric in navy blue color make the shirt already a show-stopper.

Two Leopards

Two is better than one. Keeping that in mind, BARABAS MEN launched the Two Leopards shirts. The leopards facing each other give an intimidating appearance. The prints are exotic and can go with your formals and casuals effortlessly.

Ocean Leopard

The leopard polo shirts by BARABAS MEN have leopard and ocean shell prints all over the shirt. The striking color contrast of the polo shirt grabs attention for a funky look. The black prints of the shirt make it ideal for all occasions. Pair the shirt with your favorite jeans, and you are good to go anywhere.

 All Leopard t-shirts by BARABAS MEN are planned minutely with the latest trends and weather in mind. So, you will get the best pieces for all-weather within your budget. So, if you are a fashion enthusiast with an eye for designer pieces, BARABAS MEN has the best items to offer.