Top 5 Casual Men's Shoes to Wear with Jeans

A pair of good shoes take you to a nice place. So, do you ignore your shoes just because you are a man? Why don’t you put equal importance on your jeans and shoes? And that is what BARABAS wishes to offer to the gentlemen. BARABAS Men’s has some sparkly yet comfy men's shoes to wear with jeans items. 

Shoes have become one of the most crucial parts of men's fashion. With time passing, men's jeans and casual shoes have become an integral part of men’s fashion. 

BARABAS offers some stunning men's shoes to wear with jeans .So, let’s explore the sneakers and loafers that go well with the men's jeans

  • jeansTears in Heaven
  • The chain on Love with Tears in Heaven

  • Rain the hidden fashion sense with BARABAS Men’s sparkly shoes. The best part of the shoe is that it blends easily with our men's jeans. The side chain designs of the denim pants with five pockets fit perfectly for every occasion. Pair it with our Tears in heaven gemstone patterned loafers. The chain-on Love jeans with Tears in Heaven shoes can be the best casual men's shoes to wear. It makes a perfect combination to turn heads at parties.



    lets rock It powerful sign


    Let’s Rock It with Powerful Sign

    For a gothic appearance, go for our 'all-black let’s rock it trousers' with zip and chain attachments. The slim-fit trouser comes with buckle straps around the legs to separate the piece from regular black trousers. Pair the trouser with the Powerful sign with rhinestone embellishments. Besides, a signature red-soled BARABAS logo makes the shoe perfect for weddings and parties. Furthermore, the loafer goes with our Powerful life pants and blazers.




    DESTROYED JEANS Fit For A KingFirst Impression with Fit for a King

    The high-quality stretchy ripped blue denim will serve in multipurpose ways only if you know how. The stonewashed denim leaves a smooth yet edgy look to your personality. Besides, wearing it with our fit-for-a-king sneaker makes your first impression gorgeous. Also, the sole of our sneaker with a red sole, leather interior, and cork-bed midsoles creates a striking contrast for a weekend getaway. The next time you wonder what men's shoes to wear with skinny jeans, give this combination a try.


  • show stopper Jump off

     Jump Off with Show Stopper

    The showstopper BARABAS jeans are flexible and go with almost all occasions. The handpicked rhinestone detailing adds an oomph factor to your pants. Also, the bottom goes well with the sequin jump-off shoes by BARABAS Men. Fashion makes you live by the edge yet connected to your root. Moreover, the hum-off shoes with show-stopper men's jeans make a perfect combination to blend easily in the crown while maintaining individuality. Want to step ahead? Get our matching blazers with it to complete the entire look.


  • Poker Play with Game Changer

  • Instead of just adding rhinestones, BARABAS introduces red and green stones on the jeans with comfortable stretchy denim. It blends perfectly with jackets, polo shirts, and t-shirts effortlessly. Also, the sequin shoe with the jeans is already a game-changer for your entire outfit. So, the next time you can think about what color men's shoes with jeans you can carry. Pair the men's jeans with our sequin-worked classic red sole game-changer shoes. The sequin shoes are friction-free to make them ideal for all occasions. Finish the entire combo with a matching blazer from BARABAS.

  • So, these are some combos you can choose from casual men's shoes to wear with jeans. Now go through the combinations and add your personal touch.