"Watson" Barabas Camel Men's Jacket

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Barabas "Watson" Long Sleeve Regular Fit Men's Camel Jacket

Barabas "Watson" Camel Jacket for Men 

This Barabas Long Sleeve Regular Fit Men's Camel Jacket is a very modern, sleek and edgy jacket that truly stands out. A mix of materials and color blocking of this piece is very unique. The jacket is of black color with inserts of a grey fabric. There's a decorative faux-leather trimming on the front and sides of the jacket and around the collar. There's a zipper on the front of the jacket, two pockets on the side and one smaller extra zippered pocket on the front.

  • Multi-Texture Design
  • Detailed Trim
  • Dry Clean Recommended
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Regular Fit