10 Tips On Men’s Clothing you Need To Know

Shopping for different variety of clothes and making a collection of them and buying new shoes every time you go shopping doesn’t make you a good dresser. Maintaining them and taking proper care of them does make you so. We all know dressing is a skill and yes it can be improved and improvised. There are so many things a man should know before buying and after buying a wardrobe or footwear for himself.


A man should have an eye for what will look good or bad on him. The type of fabric and color of the wardrobe whether matches your skin tone or not. There are tones of thoughts that come to mind while going shopping. Most of us don’t pay attention to the small things but we should do. If you are not good at shopping better take a friend or family member who is good at shopping and has a taste of fashion.


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Man Wearing a Black T-shirt with Red Pattern



Here are some things you should keep in mind:


Sense of Fashion

Having a sense of fashion is important these or else people are going to make fun of you for sure. Most men don’t pay that much attention to buying, they just go and buy stuff that is cheap and good. Sometimes you can be lucky and may get a good piece but that is not the point. Always buy that thing which suits you, in which you are comfortable. Try looking around yourself and observe people and try what they are wearing. Read the magazine to know the latest trends in the market. And buying expensive rather than cheaper is way better as we all know quality matters, not quantity.


Give away or throw your old belongings

Don’t make a habit of storing your old clothes and shoes in your closet rather than wearing them. Take a full look at your closet and get the clothe who doesn’t fit you now and are torn off and also the shoes which are in worst conditions. If possible give them to a needy one they might use it as you are not using it now. This will make you buy new stuff for yourself.



There could be so many clothes which are in good condition but you can't wear them because of their fitting. Mostly it happens the dress you want to wear doesn’t fit and after some time you get in the shape. Get those clothes like jacket, pants, trousers or shirts to the tailor and get them adjusted and use them or if you wish to give them away from it's up to you.



Every man should at least have one 1-suit in his wardrobe collection. A suit never disappoints you in terms of looking stunning and attractive. Suits can be worn by you to anyplace like a wedding ceremony, college fest, date night, prom night, cocktail party, or any official party a suits never let you down and in fact, you can ditch the jacket and move around looking attractive. There are many types of suits like tuxedos, 2-piece and 3-piece suits, printed suits, etc. Example- The boss, Look and touch, Casanova.


A Pair of Black Loafers



Shoes are the sole of your attire. If you are well dressed and have 

a bad pair of shoes put on then it's just a waste of time in going in the occasion. Having a good pair of shoes is the same important as the selection of the dress. Mostly men go with black and blue shoes but there is more variety of shoes out there in the market. Colors like white, red, and brown, grey are great choices. Try something new you may love it and others will find it more attractive and catchy. Example- Savanna, Shine bright, The prince.



Most men prefer blue or black jeans. These are good but next time when you go shopping make sure to grab some chinos or cargos. These are pants that go with everything you wear whether it be a denim jacket or leather jacket, they match with both of them. Chinos and Blazer with casual shoes are a great combination. It will change your dressing sense making you look more sophisticated and classy. Example- Game changer, Show stopper, First impression.



Make a habit of wearing a lightweight multicolor sweater mens under the jacket with jeans in winter to look more classy and sophisticated. This type of attire makes you look more matured and stunning. Example- Peacock, Medallion, Safari.

 Man With a Funky Suit




Make sure you have purchased the daily required accessories for your wardrobe like glasses, watch, handbag, laptop bag for office work. Make sure you wear a proper watch while going to an office and a casual watch for party wear. You don’t want to mix them both and make things confused.


Know your body

Know your body properly. Take out the measurement of your body like waist size, chest size, your height. All these come in handy when you are gone shopping and don’t have inch tape to measure, it will be easy if you knew the marking properly.



Whether it be summer or winters jackets always looks classy and sassy on amen. Have a collection of jackets like denim jackets, leather jackets. Wearing them on any dress will make the attire more stunning.



Personal grooming is a must for every person on earth. Make sure you cut your hair properly and trim or shave your beard properly and some hair oil to keep your hair good in every season. Also, you can use hair gel to keep your hair in a good manner. 




You should know the difference between cologne and deodorant. Cologne is applied on clothes with a few sprays and deodorants are directly applied on the body to keep the fragrance up all day.