2019 Fall Essentials

Now that we’ve shared a short list of Fall fashion trends, we want to talk essentials

What's the difference you ask? If you google the definition of “essential” it’s defined as “absolutely necessary; extremely important.” 

Fashion trends although important and fun to know, is not essential. What you actually need for the Fall is what is going to make your life better and easier in colder temperatures that far outweigh looking good. 


Here is our list of top essentials:

Leather Boots



Rain Coat

Wool Gloves

Knit Sweater


winter hand gloves
high ancle leather boot

Wether you live in a very rainy cloudy city or Southern California, this list of Fall essentials is very valuable. You are covered for cooler and wet temperatures, just in case. 

At Barabas, we love that our readers, like you, prepare and stock up on the latest fashions but we also encourage you to have exactly what you need.