5 Face Masks That Will Complement And Elevate Your Looks

Face masks have come a long way this year. Face coverings are no longer reserved for hospital stays and essential medical workers fighting COVID-19, and are now an integral part of our daily lives. They’re even added to our essential check-list before leaving the house: wallet, keys, cell phone – and now, face mask. (Is it just us, or are you struggling to remember a time before face masks became part of our everyday lives?)


Stylish Face Masks for Men

At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, and when we learned just how essential face masks would be in our day to day lives, fashion conscious men and women were slightly concerned about how a face mask would fit into their carefully and strategically planned outfits. Would their look be ruined by a face mask?


How Can I Look Stylish In A Face Mask?

We won’t lie – many looks can indeed be thrown off by a mismatched face mask, but many looks can actually be elevated with the right face mask too, so it’s all about finding the right one and working it into your ensemble. Just think of it as another accessory that you can use to complement and if needed, accentuate, your look – not to mention, offer much-needed safety and protection to yourselves and those around you. Win, win!

If you don’t believe us, we’re going to show you some of our favorite and most fashionable face masks, alongside some top styling suggestions to ensure seamless top to toe sartorial perfection. Let’s go…


Fashionable Face Coverings

Red Hot Danger Mask

Joe Exotic may still be behind bars, but there is nothing criminal about this face mask. Au contraire, the black and white tiger provides a subtle yet enviable nod to one of the most talked-about animals of the year (save for the bat that supposedly started it all, of course).




It’s also perfect for the fall season, as bright colors that are more synonymous with the spring/summer season might throw off your fall look, which we bet will be full of darker and more muted autumnal colors. Take the matching Red Hot Danger shirt, for example…

Carole Baskin may have been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, but this face mask should never be eliminated from your mask rotation. As well as the matching Red Hot Danger shirt, we would also recommend teaming this face mask with some dark jeans and our Red Handed shirt to really make the red tones pop.


The Golden Flower Mask

Hold on to summer by paying homage to the humble sunflower. If you suffer with winter blues that, let’s face it, usually start in the fall and last well into the next year, then something bright and cheerful is no doubt going to put a smile on your face. Even if nobody can see it…

There are an abundance of shirts that will go with this face mask, so it really is a versatile piece that can be worn again and again. We recommend shirts and sweaters with yellow and blue shades to offset and complement the colors in the mask perfectly. The blue and gold Golden Flower shirt is most obvious choice, and our Bold Explosion and Keep Your Cool shirts are two more must-haves.

Alternatively, go subtle on the top, and save your eye-catching brights for the bottom. A relatively plain top paired with our Transpose trousers would be a seamless and expertly put together look.




Roses and Thorns Mask

Another wonderful color palette for the fall/winter season.

We all have those days when we must wear black at all costs – either a top to toe look or just one item for a bit of mellow – and this face mask is perfect for those days. Not only will it complement the black, but the red will provide a much-needed pop of color that will always be appreciated whenever we look in the mirror, as well as when other people look at us. 

Team with our Check Me Out trousers (they come in black and white, as well as red and black color combos – both of which would work with this mask perfectly!) or our Pindown trousers or Complimentary Burgundy suit for something a little more formal. Yes, you can look chic in a face mask, and the Pin-down trousers teamed with a crisp shirt or the Complimentary Burgundy suit are the sartorial proof!


Rose and Thorns Mask



Flora and Fauna Face Mask

This Flora and Fauna face mask is full of gorgeous, neutral autumnal colors that are perfect for understated yet sartorially savvy looks. It is great to elevate those neutral-hued every day looks, but there’s something quite slick and chic about this mask that makes it even better for your finest attire.

For the men who have been concerned about how a face mask will fit into their eveningwear, be concerned no more, as this face mask proves that you can still be streamlined and fashion forward with your look. The Flora and Fauna face mask is the perfect accompaniment for those sharp black tie events – if they are allowed to happen under the current guidelines, of course – and for any other occasion that dictates a James Bond style dress code.

Team with our Statement white and gold suit (which is a fabulous and versatile suit for all four seasons, may we just say) or with the Chocolate bronze suit for a seamless head-to-toe look.





Ruffle Your Feathers Face Mask

Finally, we’re going to end things with a little color. Ok, a lot of color. Perhaps the most color you will ever see on a face mask; and with a daring and fashion-forward peacock on there as the added bonus!

What can you team this mask with? What can’t you team it with?! We love the explosion of color on this Ruffle Your Feathers face mask, and think it’s the perfect piece for all Barabasmen shoppers as it complements the majority of our pieces with ease. If you are in need of a versatile mask that pairs effortlessly with most of your existing pieces, while still helping you cement your status as a style icon, then this is the mask for you.

For the perfect matching look, the Ruffle Your Feathers shirt is a no brainer! For a casual cool aesthetic, team this mask with the Dragon Fly or Super Bloom shirts from our vibrant Spring/Summer Polo Collection. For something a little more understated, how about the Icicle polo? And for something a little bit fancier, we recommend the Statement gold/royal suit. See, we told you it went with practically everything!





Just one more thing…

All of the protective masks featured in this post are washable and reusable – we would recommend washing them after every use.

Although they will protect both you and those around you, as per the government guidelines, these masks are designed as fashion accessories, and are not intended for medical use.

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