7 Secrets To Look Stunning In Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The secret of looking fabulous in a long sleeve t-shirt is one of the most sought questions. Be it the college students or the thirty-reaching men, everyone is aiming for the answers desperately.

But is it that tough to find the best long sleeve t-shirts? Or is it just you that don’t know how to pair them properly? Well, no matter what the scenario is, we have some secrets to share. And we are hopeful that those will help you look fabulous in a long sleeve t-shirt.

So, without further delay, let us share the 7 things that can enhance your long sleeve t-shirt look.

7 Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Ideas To Look Fashionable

long sleeve t-shirt is itself a statement piece. So, it does not need any other accessories to look good. But, you must keep a few things in mind. Otherwise, you may make a grave mistake.

  • Stripes

The stripes of your long sleeve t-shirt play a crucial role in making or breaking your look. For instance, if you are towards the bulkier side, you need to get stripes that come longitudinally to your body length. The stripes will create an illusion of a slim and fit body. Similarly, if you are skinny, you can try the stripes that go vertically. Now, put on your regular-fit jeans and sneakers for college. And if you want a polished look, ditch the jeans with chequered chino pants and loafers.

  • Prints

You must always keep the prints in mind while purchasing a long sleeve t-shirt with prints. Your prints must align with the motive. For example, if you are going to place serious matters, you can keep the prints minimal. And wear vibrant prints for the college programs. Furthermore, as the t-shirt already has a lot of prints, you must keep the bottom simple. Solid-colored trousers or jeans with canvas shoes will look great with the long-sleeve piece.

  • Collars

Most of the t-shirts come without collars. But, if you purchase from a designer label, you will get the collared long sleeve t-shirts. Now, most people do not like these collared t-shirts. But, you can switch up the look with designer long sleeve t-shirts.

The designer piece includes contrasting collars with different cuts and attachments. And the best part of it is that you can customize them. So, put your taste and get your collared long sleeve designer t-shirt customized.

  • Graphic designs

This is the gen-Y favorite long sleeve t-shirt. The graphic designs and printing them on your t-shirt are the most catchy and personalized things. Whether you are fond of the boy band or an avid political supporter, you can get the printed on your t-shirt. And the more the merrier. So, long sleeves will be the best thing for such occasions.

  • Embellishments

Adding stones and glitters can transform your simple cloth into something special. And when you need a special outfit, try to check out the embellished designer long-sleeve t-shirt. For that matter, trusting premium men's clothing stores will be a great choice. They can get you matching bottoms and shoes with a t-shirt.

  • Fabric

No matter how fashionable the shirt looks, you should never compromise with the fabric material. And if the weather is unusual, you also need to pay attention to the suitable fabric. However, long sleeve t-shirts cotton can be the best deal for all seasons.

  • Colour

Now come to the most basic yet important factor; color. Now let's accept that not all colors look good on everyone. So, what can you do? You just have to pick the right color for your skin tone and bottoms. And that is it. You are good to go. Therefore, make sure to buy long sleeve t-shirts in colors suitable to your skin tone.

So, these are all the factors that you need to keep in mind while styling the long sleeve t-shirt. You can also add sunglasses, watches, and belts depending on the requirement.

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