7 Shirt Types to Stand Out in Any Occasion

Getting ready for work or ready to have fun at a party, your shirt has got your back. the most staple clothing in every man's wardrobe, people don't understand the value of a fitted shirt. Your attire helps you to improve your personality and boost your confidence, so it needs to be well planned.

A shirt is the most wearable clothing for a man after his love for denim jeans. In today's generation, people believe in first glance appearance and many also believe that just a shirt cannot make a statement. But believe us when we say if you know how and where to work with proper use of shirt, then we assure you that a shirt is the only thing that will make you stand away from the crowd.

Choosing a shirt brand and select it based on different occasions is a complicated job but that what is called fashion. Men always tend to wear the same type of shirts every day, that's a shame when you know there is a lot of variety of shirts available in stores.

We at BARABAS men will help you to create your wardrobe for all your needs.


Crisp White Shirt

A crisp white shirt is the most common and most decent shirt to wear on any occasion including business meetings, regardless of any season you can match fit it with any dress code, the shirt will never get down.

White Shirt

The most common of those is Oxford shirts. Oxford shirts are thicker than our everyday formal shirts. the button-down shirt is the perfect balance between casual and smart.

If you are very conscious about your color matching attire then the white shirt is always the best option because anything like your tie, suit, your pocket-handkerchief, or scarf can easily adjust with your white shirt.


The Half-Sleeved Shirt

Everyone has a white shirt in their wardrobe which is the most common wear but having some varieties is also necessary. But many times, men prefer the retro half-sleeved shirts as if they are very comfortable to wear and they also have a casual look.

Polo Shirt

Remember the half-sleeved shirts are very good for any casual wear but avoid wearing the shirt that is too large and should not be very flashy in color. For the selection of half-sleeved shirts always go for natural colors such as white, black, grey, navy. You can choose a crew neck if you are less interested in a V-neck or simply go for premium polo shirts.

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Linens are fabric shirts that you can wear any day of the year. Easy to wear, comfortable, and breathable. You don't need any other fabric to wear with it, wear it from morning to evening no matter how rough you use this fabric product is one of the best wears that every man should have in their wardrobe. Linen shirts are long-lasting, it's not indestructible, but you use them in the proper manner they can go for years while giving you comfort at the same time. Investing in a linen shirt is worth it because of the sheer elegance of the fabric.


Printed Shirts

The printed shirts add a lot of flavor and life to your outfit. The patterns printed on the shirt have a huge advantage. While you shop for your wardrobe then this shirt should be a must because it comes in a variety of colors which will make your mind giggle but having some taste of variety is a must if you are a fashion freak.

White Shirt with Pattern

The printed designs on shirts are durable and long-lasting, so never worry about the vanish of prints. The print on the shirt is its stand-out factor and it will surely attract many eyeballs.


Flannel Shirts

These shirts are woven from cotton or wool, are easy fit, comfortable, and extremely soft to wear.

Flannel is widely used for shirt and t-shirt combinations, which makes you look attractive in another person's eyes. Mostly used for family vacations, friends hang out, trips, or picnics and for a classic look, you can match it with your regular denim jeans.

One of the best things about a flannel shirt is it will get softer as it gets older, meaning it is very low-maintenance you don't have to dry wash, iron, or replace it regularly.


Denim Shirt

A wardrobe without a denim shirt is always incomplete. a denim shirt helps you to show your masculine look and makes you look refreshing in front of others. Denim shirts add texture to your outfit and you can layer your denim shirt over a plain tee and create a charming outfit.

You have boundless fashion choices if you wear the denim shirt and you will have a dynamic variation in your wardrobe.


Designer Shirts

The one best reason to select designer shirts is that they last considerably longer than normal clothes. What makes it good is the quality of fabrics, the cutting, and stitching of these clothes are done professionally, so there is less chance of wear and tear.

Designer Shirt with Gold Pattern

Mens red designer shirt are a bit priced than your normal shirts but with the amount of money, it gives you proper fitting, highly comfortable and will make your appearance much attractive in front of the crowd.

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All these varieties of shirts are very comfortable for day-to-day life, but also very affordable. the important thing is how you use your mind to make an attire fashionable. We will advise you to mostly wear a full-sleeved shirt for any gatherings or functions as they provide a better coverage area, highlight your arms, make you look cozy.

BARABAS men help you to make a perfect fashionable wardrobe so that you don't need others to tell you what you should wear.