7 Wardrobe Basic Sets for College in 2021

College life is one of the most unforgettable periods of any individual's life. It is the most exciting moment in a person's life, along with all the fun parts in college, dressing perfect was a major issue. Earlier the idea of dressing was believed to be just for the girls, but nowadays men are facing the same problem. They all want to have that cool stud looks.

Proper dressing helps you to contribute to your frame of the world, and also gives you the confidence to be presentable in front of others. It is said that perfect wear of clothing gives you the precious seconds to influence others. If we talk about college, apart from studying most public comes there to show off, to attract the crowd. Men are not far from that, they become conscious of the things that could help them to get a perfect presentation of themselves in front of others, and proper clothing is one of them.

It's a tough task of dressing classy when you are new to college on a budget. But by creating a basic wardrobe and adding some extra pieces, you can dress well easily every day. Dressing classy is to feel good about yourself and taking pride in how you look.

BARABAS men provide you premium mens clothing essentials meant specifically for the younger guy who wants a closet full of sharp basics and everyday clothing, versatile pieces he can wear to class, on a date, to the library, and the bar. A perfect wardrobe that will look great as a freshman, and as a grad student.


White t-shirt, Black/Blue jeans, and White Sneakers

White T-shirt

You can never go wrong with a pair of simple crew neck or V-neck white T-shirts, slim-fit black jeans, and white sneakers for college. It is not always necessary to get pricy clothes, because sometimes simplicity and minimal efforts can save your day. If you are lazy then this attire is the perfect match for you.


Graphic t-shirts, denim jacket, blue jeans, and brown shoes

Quilted Jacket

This is a small up-gradation to your earlier college outfit. Most of the boys love graphic t-shirts as it was made for college going guys. Just put on blue jeans with them and a choice of a sneaker, and your outfit will have a spiffy look. At the end just put on a denim jacket, and you are ready for your college with a classy look.


Check shirt, dark jeans, and boots


Long Sleeved Shirt

No matter how older it becomes, the check shirt will never go out of fashion. With a variety of designs to choose from, it provides a decent look for a college guy. To keep it simple, just match them with a pair of dark Levis jeans or chinos, and a pair of black/brown boots. If you don't like boots, you can make use of sneakers.


Basic t-shirt, Denim shirt, Classic jeans, and colored sneakers


If we talk about men's wardrobe, denim is one of the noblest fabrics available for men. Denim provides a million types of pieces, that are simply perfect for college-going guys. The easiest way to collab your denim is by the pairing of a basic white t-shirt, topped with a denim jacket, including with your regular classic jeans, and match them with colored kicks of your choice. A proper denim combo makes your look presentable in others' eyes.


Floral shirt, Dark jeans, and sneakers

Half Sleeved Floral Shirt

Florals are mostly used in summers, but they can also be good college wear. These floral clothes can highlight you in front of the crowd but stick to bare minimal pairing. You can create a simple classic look by pairing it with dark-colored jeans and a sneaker of your comfort. A simple but classic look for college attire.


White shirt, brown chinos, and leather slip-on

White Shirt

If you have a college presentation or you have to attend any formal meeting in college, this set of wear is suitable for you then. Instead of opting for complete corporate formal wear, just turn to this semi-formal attire for your big presentation. Select a plain white shirt, choose chinos or trousers as per your comfort and instead of closed dress shoes, just go for a smooth leather slip-on.


Light frame sunglasses, a watch, and a backpack

Well, we included sunglasses for those how are deeply into fashion or want to attract any girl from the college. Everyone has their taste for sunglasses but the best way to buy it by choosing what is suitable for your face size.

The education in college is much higher than in schools, which means you have to carry more books and more weight. For that, you can buy a multiple-layer backpack for your comfort.

Watches are mostly everyday wear and it also helps your look to be more presentable and to be punctual at the same time.

Unless you are going to be a fashion influencer or famous model in the future, it is unnecessary to spend too much on trending fashion items. If you are a college guy, don't spend all your money on just clothing, because having costly clothing wear doesn't always make you look attractive. If you give a little time to make a proper wardrobe as per your comfort then you are not wasting any money.

Clothes do not decide your value but wearing proper attire could help in getting the attraction you needed.

When you dress perfectly, you think perfect. When you feel put together, you feel more alert, more confident, and more ready to tackle the day's tasks. College used to be considered a serious business, the halls where learning took place, hallowed. If you think education is important, then dress to match that belief, and you will form an easier time getting into the learning frame of mind.

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