A Complete Guide to Smart Casual Dress Code for Men

Dressing well will never make you feel out of place. But, you must excel in the task of dressing well. However, people often misunderstand dressing casually with cheap clothes. But, a smart casual dress code for men is anything but cheap. Now the entire situation might be confusing for you. 

So, here we discuss the smart casual dress code for men and how to carry it properly

Instead of getting underdressed, it is better to overdress. So, if you are skeptical about your smart casual dress code work outfits, don't be scared. You will get a complete guidebook to manage your wardrobe for casual outfits.

1.   Full sleeve shirts with joggers

Men are simple, and so is their casual dressing. So, keeping a few joggers and full sleeves shirts will keep you going for a long time. Also, the full sleeves can be rolled up according to your preference, giving a casual appearance. So, pair up the full-sleeve shirts  with breathable joggers to take the day out. Just make sure to choose the appropriate fabric and color.  

smart casual dress code

Want to spice up your casual look? Wear printed or pinstriped joggers with solid colored full sleeve shirts and loafers. And you are good to go.

2.    Dark denim, shirts, blazers, and loafers

Nothing can replace denim when it comes to smart casual dress code summer. Include a few shades of dark denim with light-colored shirts. The contrast will add a special touch to your outfit. You can wear a checkered blazer with brown or black loafers to complete the look. However, the location and occasion play a key role in deciding your outfit. So, dress up and look into the mirror before stepping out.

3.    Chinos with waistcoats

The finely tailored chinos with waistcoats are formal yet so casual. So, ditch your regular jeans with chinos and pair the bottom with a checkered waistcoat. The ambiguous persona of chinos is the perfect blend of professional and casual appearance. Therefore, if you have a party invitation without a specific dress code, chinos can be your savior.

4.    Fitted shirts with regular jeans

As much as you rely on your regular jeans, your shirts need your focus too. You are already focusing on regular jeans. And the basics of dressing require a balance. So, if you are wearing regular fit jeans, stick to your fitted shirts. The shirt can be a full sleeve shirt sleeve or anything. Coming back to another basic, you need to maintain harmony with the color of your bottom and top wear. Hence, if you are wearing dark jeans, wearing light-colored shirts will be a good choice.

5.    Multipurpose blazers with classic tailored pants

A blazer will never bail out on you. Whenever you are in doubt, grab the multipurpose blazer, and wear it off with finely tailored pants. The blazer can be of different patterns and materials. Arrange the blazer according to your event's dress code. And if you don't have a clear idea about the dress code, you can always go overdressed instead of underdressed. So, pair the blazer with navy blue or black pants and a high-end shoe. Your overall look will be on your top wear and shoes. The entire outfit is ideal for the smart casual dress code for restaurants. So, have a quick plan after your office? Wear it off for both the day and night.

6.    Belts to catch the attention

How can we forget about belts? The tiny statement piece can single-handedly uplift the entire style of your outfit. Whether you are into smart casual dress code shorts or love to experiment with clothes, all of them require a matching statement belt. So, invest in the quality of the belt material, and you are good to go.

What is fashion that restricts your mind? So, wear what makes you comfortable and let your emotions flow freely. And that is how you will understand what the ideal casual dress is for you. Once you discover your comfortable and smart casual dress code, start exploring keeping the basics intact.