Belts for Men: How to Style Belts for Different Looks

What started as a supporting accessory has become an integral part of fashion items. One may wonder what became so important. But how can anyone forget about belts? 

 Belts for men are one of the most used and everyday dressing items. Even if the attire is fitting, belts are required. The days are gone when belts are for supporting your bottom. Now, the belts can change the entire look. Even if you pair your boring office clothes with the right choice of belt, the outfit will look stunning.

However, choosing the appropriate belts for different outfits is a bit of a tough job. So, you need to know about different types of belts first.

Here, we will talk about different types of men's belts. So, you can choose the best belt according to each outfit.

 5 Types of Belts for Every Outfit

How to style with different belts

We all have at least one or two types of belts. But do those belts serve for all occasions? If not, where do you lack? Listen to the experts. 

1. Braided Belts

Unlike punctured belts, braided belts don't need holes. The braided structure leaves easy-to-insert features. So, you don't need to rush anywhere to adjust the belt holes.

Well, the only thing is that you need to maintain the outfit wisely, as it looks a bit casual and funky. So, if you plan to wear the braided belt to the office, think carefully. However, you can always change a few things to make the entire look put together. 

2. Suede Belts

Want to style at an affordable price? Take a look at the suede belt collections. These types of belts give you a leather belt type of finishing. However, if you want an original 100% pure leather belt, then this is not what you are looking for. The belt is of mixed quality. But, it is a wise decision to pick this belt when you are on a strict budget. You can choose the suede belt if you are in college. At the same time, you can flaunt the leather belt look without investing much.

3. Leather Belts

Let's accept that no belt can beat the thunder of a men's leather beltAnd now that you cannot do that, let's look for ways leather belts can change your outfit. 

Leather belts in solid colours, such as black, brown, and navy blue. These colours go with formal suits the best. Also, you can use the leather belt with striped chino pants and polo shirts. 

And for guest appearances at weddings or occasions, you can choose punctured or stamped dual-coloured leather belts. But, make sure to maintain the colour coordination with the entire outfit 

4. Casual Belts

No matter how many belts you have, if there is not a single piece of the casual belt, the closet is incomplete. After all, a casual belt for men is an essential item. Going to college; pair the low-rise jeans with a casual belt and simple t-shirt. And having plans for the road trip, grab your solid-coloured shorts with casual belts and polo shirts. It is a versatile piece of style accessory that every man needs in their wardrobe. Also, the casual belts are cheap. So, you can stock up on a few more if you want. 

5. Designer Belts

Now it is not like you go to fancy parties or occasions every day. So, most of the time, people opt for simple belts that go with everyday outfits.

However, experts will beg to differ here. No matter how less the belt is required, keep a designer belt for men in your closet. The designer belt can be of anything, such as pure leather, blended leather, or fashion belts. 

If you are brand conscious, you can keep a few designer belts from different brands. The logo of the brand is designed over the buckle, which looks classy and sophisticated. And if you are okay with experiments, you can go for embellished belts with rhinestones and glitters. 

 So, these are all on belts for men to save any wardrobe malfunction. Keep them in mind, and shop belts for every outfit. 

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