Best Suits for a Man’s Wardrobe Collection

Fashion never gets old. It just changes from time to time. With new trends, people start loving them but on the other side, there are still those who love to Suit up. We have a habit of dressing according to the occasion and also by our mood. We knew that our dressing sense tells a lot about ourselves. A person can depict us by just looking at our clothes, how we wear them.

Many people have a habit of judging people by their dressing. It has been seen that women have a lot of choices than men in terms of clothing. Men also have a lot of choices for parties and functions. There are a lot of dresses according to the occasion whether it be a wedding party, cocktail party, BBQ party, or any casual party. In professional life, there are so many professional parties you need to attend but we cannot go there like wearing a t-shirt and pants. A suit is a must in every men wardrobe collection.


Man Wearing a Black Party Suit


A good suit has always been a primary necessity for every man. A suit makes you look like a gentleman. It brings out the gentlemen in you and makes you look stunning and eye-catchy and classier and attractive.

If you love branded suits then go for it and if you found one at a cheaper cost then it's very good. Make sure to see the quality of the material, the fitting of the suit, the color of the suit, do check if you are comfortable with the suit. Also, see if the shoulders are flat some use to have shoulder pads to look more vintage. The quality of the fabric also matters whether it is breathable, lightweight, and warm. 

Things to keep in mind before buying a suit:


First thinks about which type of suit you are going to buy whether it is for daily use or any party wear. Daily use means whether you want to use it for office work or any other professional way. Generally, some go with these colors Black, Blue, Grey, and Brown.

For daily use, you can go with blue and grey as they are acceptable and are not that eye-catchy when used daily but do make a great impression on the person. Black can be used for formal days and brown looks smarter and creates a good impression but can't be worn daily.


Before going to buy a suit make sure to check which type of material is made up of. And make sure to check cross whether you are allergic pr not to it. Do check whether it is thick and warm or lightweight and breathable or else it will be difficult to walk and breathe.


In the early days, people love to have shoulder pads to look more gentlemen. Nowadays people don’t have that mentality. The shoulder should lie flat so that you look fit not like a hanger. It should be according to the sleeve where your arm and shoulder meets.

Body Type

Make the suit or buy the suit according to your body type. Make sure it fits you perfectly and you look good in it.


Types of Suits for men:


Man Wearing a Golden Suit


2-piece Suit

This suit is one for all. This suit fits in every situation whether it’s a party or a meeting in the office you can wear it in both the situation. This two-piece classic black suit with black blazers for men is a must in your wardrobe. And with a tie and a formal white shirt, it is just irresistible. And also when you are at a party and if you want you can just ditch the coat and just go with the trousers and shirt and you are set to rock. It fits all types of body shapes.

3-piece suit

This suit is the same as the 2-piece suit. The only thing that makes it different from the 2-piece suit is the waistcoat which you wear inside the jacket and on the shirt making it look more stunning and sophisticated and more classy. These types of suits are mostly dressed up on wedding occasions. And also if you want you can ditch the jacket and just move around easily and comfortably.

Floral Print Blazer

There was some time in the early days when floral designs were considered only for women. But nowadays it has gained the hearts of many people and now men usually love to make suits with the design of floral patterns. Solid color waist jacket with floral prints and trousers makes you look gorgeous and eye-catchy.

Striped Blazer

These are the evergreen blazer that goes with everything and are designed keeping men in mind. The way the long buttoned sleeve, the lapel-collar neck, and perfectly fitted pockets are matched with the same colored trousers makes it irresistible and makes you look more attractive and you look more sophisticated, and fashionable. 

Slim fit designer blazer

These types of suits are trending nowadays. If you want to attend a college ceremony, wedding, party, or even an office meeting these slim fit suits are the answer. The contrasting colors and the elegant design make it eye-catchy and comfortable to wear. When teamed up with matching trousers and swell paired shoes these make you look more charming and an attention seeker.


A tuxedo is no different from a 3-piece suit. It also has a waistcoat inside the jacket but is different from the 3-piece suit. The only difference between Tuxedo and a 3-piece suit is that a tuxedo has a presence of satin. Traditional Tuxedo has sating on the buttons, pocket trim, lapels, and a satin stripe down on the trouser. 

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