How to Dress Up for Different Occasions?

It's a wrong perception to say that men pay no attention to their clothes. Men take as much trouble over their clothes as women do. It is right to say that people judge you on how you look, and men have also realized that it is important to make the right impression. In recent times men, clothing has become a huge business, from the men's tailors to men's clothing retail chains and boutiques, and now online clothing stores have made life easy for the busy executive.

A man's life is undoubtedly full of moments that require him to dress in a well certain way. A gentleman knows that wearing appropriate clothing is not just about him alone, because a proper presentation reflects the respect one shows to those around them.

We at BARABAS men provide you the best clothing line for every occasion to make you feel confident and help you to reflect your charm in front of others.


1. Weddings

Grey Checked Suit

Men have loads of options to show off their sartorial style at an Indian wedding nowadays. You can select an outfit depending on your role in the wedding. The wedding invitation might hold a few dress codes but it's best to stick to traditional clothing when it comes to guest attire at Indian weddings.

If it's a western wedding then select:

. Black Tuxedo with black blazers for men

. Black bow tie

. White shirt

. Black leather shoes

If it's a traditional wedding then there is a vast variety of items of clothing:

. Printed floral jacket

. Pathani suit

. Colored kurta with Nehru jacket

. Designer Sherwani


2. Graduations

Many graduates think the event surrounding the culmination of their education is about them, but it is the celebration for everyone gathered to celebrate the graduate's achievement. Graduation is a formal event and also a very important part of anyone's life.

You want to look good yet stay within the rules of graduation wear. So, here is the perfect attire for your graduation celebration.

. Grey tie with matching trousers and purple shirt.

. Maroon bow-tie, polka-dotted shirt, and matching belt.

. White cotton shirt and Gray cotton trousers with black shoes.


3. Interviews

White Shirt

The first impression is always the key and it's imperative to make a great first impression on your potential employer. A crucial part of making a good first impression is being presentable in front of others.

Here's the best interview attire for men, that will help you make the best impact on a prospective employer:

. Suit/Blazer

. Dress pants

. Button down white shirt

. Tie

. Belt and dress shoes

Colors like navy blue, black, and charcoal gray are elegant and versatile.

If you are going for business casuals then a suit is not required, just dress slacks or chinos along with a button-down or polo shirt, belt, and dress shoes.


4. Party wear

Casual Party Suit

There is not a doubt about the fact that finding party wear for men's different needs is harder than for women. There are get-togethers, there are cocktail parties, and then there are receptions. If you are really into fashion then there is different attire like mens red designer shirt available in the market for different kinds of parties.

Here is the best matching for your party wear:

For casual party

. Denim Jeans/ Chinos/ Shorts

. Polo T-shirt

. Checked shirt

. Sneakers

For Christmas party

. Plain shirt

. Levis Jeans

. Leather shoes

For summer party

Guys can flex their muscles and abs by sticking to a hat, vest, and jeans to their next function.

For winter party

. Leather jackets

. Sweaters

. Hoodies

. Leather boots


5. Funerals

A gentleman's purpose to attend a funeral is to pay his respects to the deceased and comfort the others around him. Attending a funeral is to show respect to others, so it should not be so flashy or fashionable, or else it can be believed as disrespect. Dressing appropriately shows support and puts the focus on the funeral. Well, when it comes to men's funeral attire, a black suit, white plain shirt, a muted tie, and polished shoes are a smart choice.


6. Date night

Floral Shirt

Whether you're going on a first date or a hundredth date, you'll want to dress perfectly. As it shows your interest in the event and will attract your date charmingly.

The smallest sentiment can go far when it comes to dating and choosing what to wear. Wear clothes that fit well and show off the best assets.

. Luxe jacket with a pair of suit slacks and sleek boots

. Printed down-bottom shirt with slim black jeans and black boots.

. A plaid shirt, a flannel, chinos, and sneakers

. A sweater, jeans, and sneakers

. Blazer, sweater, dress shirt, chinos, oxfords.


7. Festivals

Festivals, are the event of most stylish affairs when you consider their back-to-back days of music, mud, and irregular bowel movements. Whatever garments you choose to clothe are at high risk of being ruined. Mud, rain, beer, and sweat are all enemies here, so it's best to opt for inexpensive but dashing wear. Well, most of the men have come to see festivals as a place to experiment with their looks, have some fun and splash out on a few new pieces.

. Kurtas

. Printed shirts

. Nehru jackets

. Casual sherwanis


Dressing dapper has been a conundrum for men longer than the Spice Girls have been trying to convince us that they are real artists. It is not hard to select proper clothing for a particular occasion if you give some attention to what is best for you and also be comfortable at the same time. Whether you are dressing casually, for a dinner date, an evening out, work, or an interview, BARABAS men provides you the best collections of clothing to make you look attractive and presentable, irrespective of occasion!