How to Enhance Any Outfit Instantly?

Well, finally, we got to the topic of accessories. I hope you have already put together a basic wardrobe and bought yourself the right shoes for the season... Because accessories are the most important part of a man's wardrobe, requiring special attention and investment. Men's accessories are something that indicates a position, achievement, status, it is your business card because we are still greeted by premium mens clothing.

And even if you are in a suit that fits you well and with a tie, but if you come to a meeting with a bag, you will forever remain in the eyes of those who meet you as a "major salesman boy". A good briefcase or stylish bag will tell of you as a business and successful person. And when on a date at a restaurant you get money out of your pocket, and not out of your wallet, your companion will think that you don't know how to handle money, which means you won't be able to take care of your family.

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So, dear men, accessories are your everything! Your weapon, shield, and sword, your order, rules, and strength! And that's what not a bright wardrobe interesting. Needless to say, we women still sigh when we look at stylish Americans and say dreamily: "Well, when will our men start dressing like this".

This article will focus on the rules for selecting accessories that enhance any outfit instantly, and you will learn how to find in stores those that are right for you.


Rule 1 If you have shoes of a certain color, then take them as a basis and buy yourself a belt and a bag of the same color. Furthermore, whatever you wear, you will consistently look a bit more stylish.

Rule 2 Accessories should be in the same style. It is more difficult with this rule, it is easily done by professional stylists, having a lot of knowledge and experience, but determining your style even after studying a lot of rules will be oh, how difficult it is. If you find this boring and long gone, add brightly colored accessories to your arsenal. You can rest assured: dark-haired types are exactly those men who suit bright colors. So be bolder! Take the risk of buying yourself a watch with a bright strap, choose shoes, pullover, scarf, belt for them, and you will look organic and harmonious in your nature in bright accessories!


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Rule 3 There are many classifications and definitions of style, but each person is unique and has, as a rule, a mixture of different styles in different proportions. In order not to go into details and not to clog your already loaded head, we will resort to the choice of accessories by hair color.


Rule 4 For men who want to know how to dress for business, it is important to read this: Suits are always the best choice to look elegant. However, many men feel uncomfortable or too formal wearing them. You must find those suits that you feel as comfortable as when you wear jeans.

Now you can find different styles of dresses and cuts. One point to establish your own style is the shirt and tie of your choice. Keep in mind that colors like purple and pink are an essential part of a man's wardrobe.

However, in the first meeting with clients or negotiators, it is advisable to use classic colors and cuts with which you feel most comfortable. Finally, shoes play a definite role in looking good.

Picking around 3-4 pairs of good quality shoes can give you a more versatile look. Like women, men can match their shoes with the belt. Black and brown leather shoes usually go well with most suits. Always combine black suits with black shoes, gray dresses with black or brown shoes. And blue suits with brown or black shoes.


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Rule 5 Mono color is too easy. That's not to say you throw black and white (and grays in between) in the trash. It just means that you can choose other colors or combinations that are out of the ordinary.

However, choosing the right ones is the hard part. So let's follow the lead of Barabasmen, who showed us their Spring / Summer 2021 collection with shades from across the spectrum: jewel shades (which are much easier to match with dark ones) and brighter shades too (a nice top layer over the ones). white colors). Whatever the choice, they are sure to make you happy this year. And to those who see you.

Rule 6 Is having a lot worse? Thanks for the wise advice, pseudo-Marie Kondo. Still, while the art of tidying up isn't a science, it's easy to keep the clothes you need. Instead of buying something and hoping it will just mix together, ask yourself the following: when will I use it, when will I use it, and what will I use it with. If you can answer all three with confidence, take it. It's yours.

Clothing for clothing's sake is not an option. But after-office beers dressed in your best jacket, it's a great decision.

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Rule 7 If you think that the smartphone is your best watch, you are very, very wrong. Because you cannot exalt your virtues without accessories. The finer details take the look from mediocre to memorable. You don't spend a lot of money: a simple ring, a bracelet, a nice tie that you can wear repeatedly. Big jewelry is optional, but an extra is essential in 2019.



If you have read to the end, it means that now a system and an understanding of what accessories you need have appeared in your head. It remains to wish you patience and perseverance when changing your wardrobe, and we will look forward to beautiful and stylish men on the streets of our hometowns! The accessories can certainly uphold your outfit and enhance the look in a completely different way, make sure you follow these rules and check out the products specified above.

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