June Gloom

June Gloom Looks 

Currently, in Southern California we are actually experiencing "June Gloom." Now, if you're a native of Los Angeles for example, it is safe to say that by this time of year you've tucked away the long sleeves and jeans until Fall. Temperatures usually reach a high 80's with clear sunny skies by now, but this year seems like Mother Nature has extended the Spring showers and gloomy skies. 

printed white shirt

Don't let the gloom influence your mood, instead allow it to inspire you to wear bright colors! Gloomy days may even be the ideal weather to do some city exploring as it's a bit more comfortable than having the sun blaze on you. Style up with Quill, This Barabas look is fashioned with bold patterns. 

Barabas menswear is very versatile. We aim for upscale comfort so that you can feel confident in switching your day to evening plans. From exploring the city, to fine dining, to work meetings and more, there is a stylish look for all occasions. This week, we are featuring our long sleeves, short sleeves and jackets for the unpredictable weather you may experiencing this June. 

Take our INFINITE long sleeve as the perfect example of upscale comfort that is also versatile. Keeping this shirt, what would you change to make this look more casual? If you thought the shoes you are on the money.


leopard printed shirt



Shoes play a huge role on completing the feel you are going for. Accessories can help dress you down or up as well; add a Barabas Stealth belt for instance or a hat. Don't be afraid to mix up a simple outfit with an added stylish item. 

Dressing up both short and long sleeve button ups is easy! Grab detail denim jeans from Barabas to add a trendy edge. When you have a shirt with patterns and pops of color, half of the work is done for you! 

Look, we may be approaching June but without the sun, you will need a stylish lightweight bomber jacket. Search LONG SLEEVES and BLAZERS AND JACKETS and JEANS on our site. 

floral printed half sleeve shirt white mens shirt mens jacket