Know The Art of Dressing: Choose the Right Jean to Stand Out

Struggling to find the right pair of jeans? Don't worry you are at the opportune spot now, we will help you find the best jean to dress better. In this article, we'll discuss various trendy jean types that can add on to your appearance. From being casual to be the center of attraction or for that funky look, we have ample of jeans to choose from, be it Skinny pieces of denim, straight fit, newest collection of Rhinestone Jeans, plaid pants, slim fit, and more. Barabas has a unique collection keeping your comfort and looks as a priority. The quality fabric used makes these jeans ideal for all-day wear; these jeans fit well on any body type and most likely suit you. Stay in style, choose comfort and keep your legs happy.

I wager that no men want to look older or unattractive or want to look sloppy just because of the decisions they made while picking jeans. So, In order to look stylish, you have to avoid wearing those outdated trends and need to opt for today's trendy jeans. There are things men ought to consider while picking up the right jeans as little changes in style have a major effect on your appearance. Some points to consider while buying the right pair of jeans:

  • Comfort/Fabric
  • Right fit
  • Quality
  • Colour
  • Latest Trend
  • Wash type
  • Value for money

Top 5 Trendy Jeans You Would Love

Straight Fit Jeans

Straight fit denim jeans are one of the trendy jeans these days. No man can ever have enough pants, particularly when the fit is correct. These jeans come with the ultimate durability and look perfect on any body type. The leg opening in straight fit jeans is somewhat more extensive than skinny fit jeans and they have somewhat loosened up-fit. Our collection of Straight fit jeans can be paired with Men's rhinestone shirts available in animal and floral prints to give you that amazing look. You'll feel at ease wearing these jeans because of the high-quality fabric such as Polyester and Spandex.

Check out Barabas must have straight-fit jeans:

Slim-Fit Jeans

These jeans are comfy, stylish as well as comfortable having a small leg opening. Slim-fit jeans are versatile and offer unlimited uses, from going for a night out to weekend parties. Our collection of slim-fit jeans is available in Blue, Black, and more color variants. A pair of slim-fit jeans will keep you comfortable the entire day providing you that laid back vibe and can be paired with Barabas's unique variety of Rhinestone shirts, printed t-shirts, and trendy shoes. Every man should have a good great pair of slim fit denim in his wardrobe.

 Have a look at our top slim-fit jeans:

  • Athlete Slim fit
  • Silver Rails
  • Drizzle
  • November 8th Rain
  • November 7th Rain



Ripped Jeans

In the mid-2010's the ripped jeans pattern dropped off and it just flourished in the previous few years and now it's in the trend and also a style statement for many. Obviously, these jeans are not office-friendly and can't be worn during office hours but for other events, these jeans are a perfect choice if you want that cool and edgy look. You need to be extra careful while wearing ripped jeans. Our range of ripped jeans will fit well on any man, you can choose from blue ripped jeans, black ripped jeans, white or grey. Wear these jeans with Barabas smart range of floral print shirts, the latest range of Rhinestone shirts, men sequin blazer, stay comfy and stylish.

Catch sight of our top Ripped jeans:             

Smokey Alley men jeans


Men Plaid Pants

The innovative Plaid pajama pants designs at Barabas mainly focus on men's comfort as well as their styling. Barabas is the first brand to use elastic waistbands in plaid pants keeping men's comfort as a priority. These pants could be the most comfortable possibility you have. Our main focus is to keep you stylish and serve you as per your desire. Choose from our wide collection of casual and formal plaid pants and keep them handy. You can choose from many elegant designs available in many colors and look classy on any special occasion. Pair these pants with matching tops or with shirts and sweatshirts to look iconic.

Some of our trendy plaid pants:

  • Remember Me
  • Tidy Up
  • Good News
  • Smoking Hot
  • Stand my Ground

Printed and Stone-Detailed Denim

Want to show your funky side then go for Barabas's exclusive range of Printed denim jeans, Stone detailed pieces of denim, and be a trendsetter. We are committed to give you the ideal denim pants, be it any sort we have all in our assortment. You can go for snake print denim pants, hand-set stone positive denim jeans, and some more. These smart types of denim come in blue, dark, and dark shading variations, have front and back pockets, Good quality fabric is utilized and you can machine wash this denim at 40oC. These denim jeans would look great on any men who need to look stunning, pair these jeans with the men rhinestone shirts or any printed Barabas shirt to add on to your look.

Popular printed and stone detailed- denim:

Drizzle Men Jeans at Barabas



At Barabas, you can look over a wide scope of particular and elegant pants and stay in style. We have items that you couldn't want anything more than to wear and are accessible in a lot of colors, patterns, and designs. Isn't this what every man wants? Style, comfort, design, quality Barabas provide all in our denim jeans. In the event that you need to stand apart go for comfortable and perfect everyday wear pieces of denim at Barabas. Pick comfort, choose the best, stay fashionable and satisfy yourself. Happy shopping!

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