Latest Trends Men Should Know to Stand Out in Prom 2021

The most exciting time of the year for people who are graduating this year is close. Yes, Prom night! The time when guys and girls will praise their graduation wearing their dream attire, gets the chance to grandstand their personality, and also becomes more acquainted with one another. Some might even get the love of their life on this special event. Indeed! That is the reason the day is so popular among youngsters.

As the much-anticipated night for high Schoolers is near, everyone wants to put their best self forward on this big day by wearing the best and trendy attire for prom 2021.You must be wondering what to wear? What will look great on you? Where would you be able to get trendy prom attire for 2021? And so on. Let’s celebrate! Why? Since you have run over the perfect spot, as in this article you will get the top and trendiest outfit ideas for men. 

Top 7 menswear trends for prom 2021

Who doesn’t like to make their prom memorable? Everyone likes it right. Want to become 2021 prom king? If yes then read ahead. Barabas has made it simple and amusing to shop for your prom outfit, so without further ado let’s get started and find the trendiest styles you need for prom 2021.

Floral dress suit and blazers

No men can go wrong with the trendy floral suits and blazers. To wear these botanical print blazers and suits is a bold move with which any man can get the dazzling style statement and can make their prom night a memorable night for the rest of their life. Pick either a floral dress suit or a floral blazer that you can pair with any formal pants (preferably dark), and remember to coordinate your outfit with some a la mode pair of loafers to complete your look. Browse your style, get the best prom outfit at Barabas and be a trendsetter. Matching shoes and even matching bow ties are available with some items, browse and find the best for you.

Top picks in this category at Barabas:

Best Prom Outfit


Men’s fashion blazers

Fashion blazers are at the top among other types of blazers as they are versatile and arrived in a lot of uncommon and stunning designs. Likewise are fit for giving you the desired up-to-the-par look. These fashion blazers can be worn during parties, at any casual event, loved one's wedding, or at our favorite night. You guessed it right! I am discussing the prom night. Considering where to get these fashion blazers? If yes, then you are at the opportune spot as Barabas has a wide collection to browse; floral dress suit, rhinestone shirts, fashion blazers, stylish prom blazers, and so on. 

Barabas smash hit style blazers:

Men’s fashion blazers for Prom


Rhinestone blazers

Designer and rhinestone blazers are also among the 2021 trendy prom items. Wearing conventional or something that nearly everybody wears is a terrible decision especially, when it comes to prom night. Decide to wear unique and stand out from the crowd on your special evening. You can wear these blazers on your special events other than prom also. You can shop from our latest and in-vogue collection of rhinestone blazers. We even offer some pieces with matching bow ties so hurry and buy one now.

Most adored rhinestone pieces at Barabas:

Rhinestone blazers for Prom

Stylish prom shirts

To look great on your prom night, you need to wear something extraordinary. Wear Barabas’ in vogue assortment of suits and blazers with an astonishing shirt and knock some people’s socks off with your looks. You can’t call your prom outfit complete if you don’t wear the boss suit with an amazing piece of a shirt. It’s a limited-time opportunity, so grab as much as u want, as we are giving a 10% discount, to avail of this offer use code: PROMKING.

Best selling party shirts at Barabas:

Stylish prom shirts

Slim fit suits

Looking great is a skill all men should master. How? Wearing stylish and well-fitted, comfortable clothing. A slim-fit suit is an incredible decision for prom 2021 or for any other occasion. Wearing a suit that fits well on you upgrades your whole look, you might even become the next prom king! The slim-fit suit is a laid-back choice for any event; you can rock and steal any show wearing a slim-fit suit. Choose from Barabas's stylish and trendy slim-fit suit collection.

Some of our top picks for prom 2021:

trendy slim-fit suit for Prom


Stripe or checkered pattern 

Like the floral pattern, stripe and check design are the fastest growing pattern in 2021. This stripe or check design looks so cool on any man and is also distinct from other prom trends, it looks classy and sophisticated. Wear these classy and novel pieces at any event. Appropriate for weddings, special prom evenings, date night, parties, work, conferences, and any other formal events. Purchase as per your measurements, and check the size chart prior to getting one for you.

Best selling patterned suit/blazers at Barabas:

  • Rage
  • The boss
  • Snazzy
  • Timeless
  • Moment


Savvy loafers

Prom is a special life-changing event, and for such occasions, men need to take care of everything, be it their dress suit, shirt, accessories, grooming, and especially shoes. No prom outfit is complete without a pair of savvy loafers. Browse and buy the trendiest loafers at Barabas for prom 2021.

Our best selling loafers:

loafers for Prom


We are a one shop stop for men as we sell all the styles that men would love. From shirts, luxury blazers, slim-fit suits, dress pants to shoes, and so on. At Barabas, you will get the ideal outfit for prom 2021 wearing which you can rock the party. As the covid-19 is still there, enjoy prom but follow all necessary rules i.e. social distancing, wearing masks and use of sanitizers.

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