Memorial Day Weekend

Are you excited for your Memorial 3-day weekend? 

Although it is a mini-vacation, go over this checklist to prepare yourself with the basic essentials for this pre-summer holiday get-away!

But first, we want to give you a sneak peak of 

Barabas Summer Collection 

   Swimwear is definitely essential for your Memorial Day vacation


leopard printed shorts for men


This gold Leopard print two-piece set is part of the trending prints for this summer. One moment you're in the water, the next you're ready to take on the boardwalk.  

printed shirt and shorts for men

We have so many bold and bright two-pieces! Visit our website at to see them all! 

Go to shop then down to summer collection to find sets like:

SUNDOWN and HEATWAVE and more all under $50.00. 

printed shorts for men


Stylish and themed perfectly for all summer activities. Check out the detail of the Barabas logo plaque! And with a string tie to fasten as tight as you need, you can go surfing or chill poolside. 

printed shorts for men


Enough with your typical beach themed shorts,  these lively patterns and bright colors is what is in this Summer. By the way, you're going to need more than one for your trip. 


     A Fedora is a popular summer stylish accessory.  If you plan on taking a Fedora, purchase one that is lightweight and comfortable such a premium natural straw material. A good brand is tightly woven which will protect your face from harmful sun rays. Another perk, is that this fabric is soft enough to pack in your luggage without damaging the form. Wether you are a Fedora, Baseball, or Bucket hat kind of guy, they all serve the same purpose: to protect your face from the sun, which is critical. 

mens hat



     Another item to help protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are sunglasses. But just like a hat, they are also a fabulous fashion accessory. There are some amazing brands that will effectively protect your eyes, some details to remember while you’re shopping: notice the percent of UV protection, the visible light screen out percent, and wraparound-style frames as those limit sunlight to your eyes. 

Water Proof Phone Case

     There is no doubt that you will be around water and wanting to capture all the memories with your cell phone. What a tragedy it would be if your cell device became damaged due to water exposure. Or even worse, dropped to the bottom of the pool, and now all your videos and photos, most likely are gone for good. Prepare with a water proof phone case so that your mind is at ease. Check out amazon for some of he top reviewed cases and worry not while you’re out boating this Memorial Day weekend. 


phone case


Aloe Vera Gel & Sun Block

  We feel these two products go hand in hand. While sunblock protects your skin from harmful effects of the sun, Aloe Vera, full of antioxidants, helps heal sunburn much faster. Practice self-care by packing these two items to prevent premature aging. Take note of the sunscreens SPF ( sun protection factor) which tells you how long that particular product will protect you from UV rays. You should know that the main cause of reddening and sunburn is caused by UV rays that damage your skin's outer layers, which commonly results in many forms of skin cancer.  

black sun glass and alovera gel
baby wipes

Baby Wipes

Lastly, we highly suggest you pack some baby wipes even if you’re leaving the kids behind for this trip. They are great for on-the-go cleaning of your hands, refreshing your face, and wiping unwanted sand in hidden areas. You’ll quickly find that baby wipes are a mule-use item and make an essential travel companion.  


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