Men's Summer Fashion

As the year changes, the mode of fashion also changes. People love to try new trends and show their confidence through their attires. The summer season is the best period for your vacations or any family trips. Most of the guys in the modern world are also giving their attention to what attire they should wear to show their style. We at Barabasmen will help you in suggesting best men’s summer wear for your wardrobe collection.

Here are our few selections for men's summer collection


The polo that fits

Man Wearing a Blue Fitted Polo Shirt

The Polo shirt is the most common and the first choice for every man's wardrobe collection. In 1926 it was first launched as sportswear for tennis players. Every gentleman has at least one or two pairs of Polo shirts in his collection.

In old times only old and young children use to wear this shirt for playing golf or as a school uniform. But now it has become a fashion staple for men of every age. Well, it can be used both for formal and informal wear and it gives you a classy look and confidence in your personality.

If you get the right fit, these premium polo shirts can be one of the most versatile and sharpest shirts for your wardrobe collection. With a pointed collar and few buttons on top, this shirt will give you a gentlemen look.


The not pique Polo

When your outfit choice is limited to just a shirt, shorts, belts, shoes, and watches, then it becomes not so interesting and boring attire on your look. Well, to better your ill-fitting and dull attire that looks like a uniform of a sales associate, H&M gives you a soft, luxurious cotton-silk blend Polo t-shirt to give you a better alternative to your pique polo. The manner fashion trends are changing day-by-day, many youngsters believe that the texture of pique polo shows a dull color nature and pairing them with shorts and sports shoes can show the overall casualness in your style.

But when you pair a smooth cotton shirt with slim shorts and penny loafers then it can enhance your dressiness much better than pique polo. This can become one of the best summer attire that you can wear anywhere.


The fitted flat front short


Man Wearing Yellow Shorts


If you are deciding to select any wear from this list then it should be the fitted flat-front short. In this fashion era, most guys tend to wear the same old-fashioned baggy, long cargo shorts. This is the biggest mistake that is holding back many guys to complete their smart summer style.

As time changes, fashion tends to change with it. The shorts have become slimmer and higher for more than a decade. These shorts will give you a perfect fitting without compromising your comfort and also provides a good length that can reduce too much leg showing.

These days the shorts come in different lengths and sizes, try to go for the length from 7-9 inches that can give you a perfect fit for your body.

These shorts are affordable in price and comes in the range of 15$-30$ price tag. Also, they come in multiple colors and patterns and you can wear them on multiple occasions according to your attire.



Wearing boots is not a suitable option if you are searching for summer wear. The best thing you can do is to go for loafers, there are various flavors in a loafer selection like- traditional penny loafer, preppy boat shoes, driving mock, or dress loafer, a slip-on leather shoes that give you smart summer attire. The use of loafers has been working for a long period of time. Earlier, only old people use to wear them but with the change in time and fashion loafers have become staple wear for your casual attire and most young guys love to explore these shoes with different attires.

Well, to make perfect summer attire you can pair them with a t-shirt or dress it up with slim chinos and a button-up shirt. The loafers are the most acceptable footwear for your summer collection but remember to wear them sockless.


The Linen shirt

Model Wearing a White Shirt

With the change in fashion trends once in a while, the Linen shirt has become an obsession for the young generation. The summer season comes along with the heat and humidity, so it becomes important for you to choose what to wear and also what it's made out of. The linen shirts provide you with breathable and airy fabrics that are best for summer.

These shirts are thin and light in weight and made of the best warm-weather fabrics that give you complete comfort to your body and provides you an eye-catching look. You can match these shirts with khakis or any light color jeans because it will give a perfect match to these pastel linen shirts. These shirts are easy to wash and dry, you just need to steam them to turn your wrinkles into the crease.

It is not necessary to wear bright colors always, just a linen shirt with light jeans can give you a classy look to your style.


Canvas strap watch

The worst thing about summer is sweat, and wearing metal or a leather watch can make you experience stinkiness. During summer, these leather strap watches start rubbing your hands and gives a bad smell.

So, having a canvas strap watch can be your best option, as it comes in a large variety of color variants and different detailing that can match your style, and also they are washable. The canvas strap watch was mainly invented for the British military in an earlier period to provide an extra layer of security for their tough conditions.


The weekend bag

The summer season is all for vacations and to spend time with your family while travelling. So, it becomes very important for every man to have a weekend bag that he can use to grab some gears and then hit the road.

The weekend bags give you enough space and size to carry out any kind of language. You can get these bags at an affordable price of nearly 30$-40$.