Off the hook outfits for a weekend´s night out in 2020

As socializing restrictions ease up around the world due to a decrease in Covid-19 cases, you're probably craving to let that party-animal loose, pronto. However, keep in mind that the virus isn't gone and that if you do go out, you should take all the necessary precautions. We recommend you go over your local legislation too, since nightlife could still have some restrictions in your location.

Now that we got that out of the way let us share some pointers about achieving an alluring look in the new coronavirus's times. So, how do you put yourself out there in a year where meeting someone new is like spotting a unicorn? The following three words sum it up: dress to impress. Or, in other words: become the unicorn! All of us want to look our best when going out for drinks with friends; or looking to hook-up at an event.

The basics
The goal is not only to look attractive to other people, but also to feel better, luckier, and more confident. Knowing how to dress well is significant among men, or at least being conscious about the basics. It doesn't matter what body type you have, there is always a look or a trend that will fit you wonderfully.
Let's begin, before dressing for a night out, you should first shower and tidy up well. Hygiene comes a long way, especially in this period of corona-phobia. Anyways, when choosing your outfit, make sure that clothes are clean, ironed, and in tip-top condition. You can use some accessories to add an extra flair to your look.

A new garment out of the blue

One primary accessory that has barged its way in fashion brands this year is, indeed, the mask. About six months ago, not any brand had the slightest idea that they would include this new garment in their collections. That's because before the new coronavirus hit, the mask was only used for surgical and industrial purposes, or to handle toxic or polluting substances. Currently, it's a clothing item that not only saves lives. It has also rendered traditional fashion statements like the lipstick in women, and the beard or mustache in men useless.

Barabas men Off the hook outfits for a weekend´s night out in 2020
Pragmatism + design
This critical element of today's wardrobe has gone from being a necessary and functional accessory to an array of creative designs with textile and security innovations. It's already common in the fashion industry to find some alternative, creative, innovative designs regarding colors and patterns. You'll also find functional or pragmatic models that provide excellent protection due to their materials and manufacturing process.
We recommend that you choose a mask that preserves your face's silhouette, and that stands out, rather than just a piece of cloth that protects you. We're talking about practically half your face, up until you feel safe enough to take it off. That's plenty of time for you to compliment your stunning personality with a smart design.

Diffuse optimism
Now, let's move on to what shirt to wear. Will it be a long sleeve, a short sleeve or just a plain t-shirt? It depends on how you're feeling, but transgressive lines and bold, masculine patterns will help you succeed with that "unicorn look." Try to break with those dull and predictable colors of the past and immerse yourself totally in a fashion full of color and optimism. There's already enough tragedy and distress out there, no need to transfer that mood to your outfit. Long sleeve shirts  are great for going to a nightclub (if there's any open at your location) or a bar, as they look formal and match with a wide variety of outfits. Try slipping into a button-down shirt over your t-shirt to add another flair to your look. If you're wearing an undershirt, you can unbutton your shirt when you're inside the bar if it's too hot.

Additional options
And if it's an outdoor bar, all the better; remember safety first. Another option is pairing a nice t-shirt with a blazer or jacket. Black or darker colored shirts tend to look more formal than white or light-colored shirts. A sophisticated blazer works great for a more formal setting.

Jeans or pants? It depends

Now let's move on to the bottom part. For a night out, you're probably better off with either jeans or pants. Jeans are the most versatile of all pants. Black or blue jeans go great with just about any other garment. Formal or semi-formal pants with attractive colors are also quite versatile.
You can effortlessly style the latter for a formal occasion or a more casual setting. Since they come in a wide variety of colors, you have more options to choose from.
Cotton pants are comfortable and also look modern.

Barabas men Off the hook outfits for a weekend´s night out in 2020
How about shoes?
Wear a pair of shoes that you think look great with your outfit. The choice of
footwear is much more relaxed when it comes to attending a bar, compared to a
nightclub. Leather shoes or loafers are the most stylish footwear you can wear to a bar and really work as
part of a fashionable outfit.

Mind the accessories
Wearing a watch, bracelet, or rings can complement your whole look very nicely. If you go to a bar, any type of watch can work very well with the rest of your outfit. Digital watches or watches with leather straps will go perfectly with the rest of your clothes. You can wear a bracelet to enhance your appearance if you don't plan on wearing a watch.
Take into consideration that your perfect look also depends on your physiognomy. Whether you are thin or stout, there will be clothes that feel good, and others you shouldn't even look at. Feel free to contact us for suggestions regarding the best choice for yourself today.