Rocking a bespoke outlook for the season of love and light

In the season of love and light, with merry hearts and beautiful countenance, away from the pains and hurts of the last few months, so much love will be given as much as it will be received. Dusting off the stress and boredom that accompanied the pandemic, clothing yourself in a beautiful apparel, and plan to enjoy the holiday as much as the regulations on safety allows it.

For this much anticipated season, let BARABAS store be your assured plug for beautiful clothing and accessories for that date, family gathering, dinner, movie night, etc. We have got you covered for any occasion that may arise. There is an array of options to make the decision of the perfect valentine outlook from and leaving your friends, acquaintances and strangers gaping at your gorgeous. Read on to find amazing items you definitely want to look out for.

Love And Light In The Spirit Of Valentine

For us at BARABAS men fashion, it is more about the excitement and confidence wearing a quality clothing material or accessory gives to our customers rather than the cost; we desire to satisfy all our customers and we stayed true to that. To give yourself the love and light treat this season, check out these amazing pieces:

  • Jungle Rose: this is a unique polo shirt that can be located under the shirt section of the BARABAS men online store. Jungle rose is a floral design representation of Anthology that combines wild, unruffled and beauty.  This polo shirt is perfect for different occasion when it is worn the right clothing materials and accessories.  Jungle rose polo shirt is a perfect option for this valentine because it features lovely red, blue and yellow roses, a tamed Tiger and the dominant theme is the color red.  It is made from the best body-friendly materials in 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. 


floral printed polo t-shirt


  • Floral: this is a subtle looking but mesmerizing button down long sleeve shirt that stands you out among the crowd and give you the attention you deserve. With a dominant white themed background with a splattered of flowers and teddies on concentrated parts of the shirt towards the bottoms, Floral shirt could pass for a dress shirt and make you look bespoke in a suit jacket for your valentine’s date.


floral printed shirt


  • Roses in Greece: this is a beautiful combination of red roses, animal skin and a sculpture of a royalty; all these are the feeling you get while adorning this classy sweatshirt this valentine and that is the same impression you create in the mind of onlooker. Roses in Greece sweatshirt is a perfect representation of Royalty, conquest, wild, beauty and love. If you can picture a runway celebrity making an appearance at a red carpet event; that is the same aura you will certainly get and feel in this compelling shirt that tells a story.


printed long sleeve shirt


Simple But Classy Ways to Wear BARABAS This Valentine

Looking good does not have to cost so much as you can rock so well on a small budget and still look spectacular. Come this valentine, there is no need for an overhaul of your wardrobe if you are a consistent customer of BARABAS men online store because you’ve got some; if not all the right accessories to make this holiday end with a bang.

In this section, I will be suggesting simple but classy ways to rock this season of love with your BARABAS wears and accessories for different occasions without breaking a bank. Here are some mind-blowing combinations to try out if you desire a bespoke look for this season.

  • The Casual or Fun date: since valentine is a day we love to show our loved ones how much we care about them, it comes with a lot of group date, movies day, picnic etc. These are casual dates that doesn’t demand so much but must be properly dressed for. To rock the best look for this kind of date, get a pair of BARABAS stretchy band chinos, a polo shirt, and any of our Loafers or Old Timers shoes. With the combination and a well done hair, you are set to hit the road and leave people speechless.
  • The Love Day Date: if your plan with your partner is not a casual day out but a trip to your favorite restaurant or to another city, you might want to opt for something more befitting for the occasion. For this occasion, a dress button down shirt, dress or chinos pants, and a pair of dress shoes, boots or sneakers is certain to give you the perfect look.
  • The stay-in dinner date: would you rather stay in the comfort of your house to have some alone time with your girl-friend, friends or family and still want to look your best for the occasion; there is just the perfect combination for you too. Get any of our Sunny day shorts or November 8 jean, a round neck polo shirt and a pair of our leopard slippers. With these accessories, you are set you enjoy an amazing stay-in dinner date with lots of memories to be documented.

Complete The Look

Valentine does not come every day, so the memories of every moment spent with your loved one is one that is to be relish for years. However, outlooks and little details like clothes, accessories, foods, etc. help to recollect these memories well. This is why there shouldn’t be a mistake with these little details.

To complete your look for this season, besides your outfit, your outlook (grooming routine) is so important that if it is not taken care of, it may ruin all the hard work you’ve put into your outfit. Things you should watch out for in your grooming routine include:

  • Getting a new haircut; it’s important to note that it’s not advisable to get a completely different haircut from the ones you use to have before a date because it may totally alter your look.
  • A clean beard shave: you really don’t want to appear on your date with a rough beard. You don’t have to cut it if you don’t want to, just get a stylist to work on the edges and you’re good to go.
  • Wear a fragrance: occasions like the aforementioned are ones that you need to dominant with your own fragrance. You don’t need too much perfume or body spray, just the right douse in the right places will do the magic.
  • Lastly, wear your most charming smile.