Bring Freshness Back to Your Style with Plaid Printed Design Shirt by BARABAS MEN

If you are looking for a quality plaid printed design shirt, the collection of BARABAS MEN can help you. It is a renowned men’s fashion brands with an extraordinary plaid shirt. So, if you are exploring the designer plaid print shirt for the first time, seek guidance from this brand.

Revamp Your Wardrobe with Attractive Plaid Printed Design Shirt

  • Let's play

Lets playBlack, white, and grey- the plaid printed design shirt by BARABAS MEN have everything. The contrasting collar with two types of checkerboards makes this plaid polo t-shirt a unique piece. Wear it with jeans or solid-colored jeans and sneakers to make a statement look.

Moreover, the chequered gingham pattern of the shirt has three buttons fastening with moisture management fabric. So, you do not have to worry about your sweat. These shirt are suitable for you from different aspects.

  • Stay in the shade

Stay in the shade

With so many options for plaid printed design shirts, you may want to try something new. It is available in long and short-sleeves as well. Moreover, it has a contrasting collar with a monochromatic shade. 

However, the moisture management feature of the designer plaid print shirt makes it popular among people. So, if you sweat a lot, you need to grab this plaid t-shirt.



  • Plush touch 

Plush touchBARABAS MEN offers various plaid polo t-shirts that suit everyone's preferences. Whether you want a lighter shade or a darker one, you will get them all. Made up of 30% nylon, 10% spandex, and 60% microfiber, this plaid polo t-shirt is an ideal piece for the summer.

So, if you are planning for a hot summer day, grab this designer plaid print shirt. Furthermore, the plaid t-shirt has shiny patterns all over it. It is the uniqueness of the polo t-shirt.

  • Four 

FourThis shiny long-sleeve plaid printed design shirts is a unique piece, that make your great look for parties. You can also wear it to weddings as a guest. You will get this shirt in black, white, navy blue, and wine color. The small checkerboard patterns all over the body are of shiny texture.

The meshwork of the designer plaid print shirt has button fastenings with a collar. The fabric contains 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The mixture of cotton and polyester makes it more productive. So, the shirt is breathable and lightweight without making it cheap.

  • Box like 

Box like

This short sleeve polo t-shirt by BARBAS MEN is one of the most popular items in the market. This cool polo t-shirt has plaid patterns over blue with contrasting black collars and sleeve borders. You will get this shirt in a red and black variant as well. 

In addition, a plaid printed design shirt brings back youth to your look. So, make sure to include this in your collection. The square pattern is spread all over the front and back of the polo t-shirt. If you want to match your bottom, you can look at the men's plaid pants by BARABAS MEN. 

  • Baroque checker

Barocco checker

Now you can feel the famous roman days with this Baroque print plaid shirt by BARABAS MEN. The shirt has golden prints like Medusa, Baroque prints, and floral motifs all over the black shirt. These prints are great for summer. Besides, the golden color makes it a wise choice for night parties and get-togethers.

Anyone can carry out this shirt throughout the day due to it's breathable and lightweight quality. So, if you are the rule breaker in your community, grab this designer plaid print shirt now. The plaid printed design shirt by BARABAS MEN makes unique designs that suit everyone’s taste. 

  • Benevolent 


The light-colored full-sleeve shirt by BARABAS MEN has cross-way stripes which are large and prominent. The stripe holds vibrant colors that make the shirt unique from the rest. The plaid pattern is so sophisticated and elegant that anyone can wear it to the office.

Apart from that, the shirt is also best for casual outings. You can also get other plaid printed design shirts from the same brand. All of the shirts are great for different occasions.