Ditch Regular Shirts with Barabas Men’s Paisley Printed Design Shirt

You will get so many shirts in different colors and patterns. However, when you want to try something new, you must come to BARBAS MEN. The brand is famous for its unique designs and patterns. The paisley printed design shirt by the brand has modern concepts and design. They are distinctive enough to make you stand out from the crowd. Check the design out and include them in your everyday fashion.

  • Paisley

paisleyThe unique colorful swirls on a white base with a red or blue shade are BARABAS MEN's newest addition to the collection. Also, this designer paisley print shirt has crystal detailing that you can wear to fancy occasions.

Moreover, it is lightweight as the fabric contains 97% cotton and 3% spandex. You can style it as a full sleeve or roll up the sleeves a bit.

The best part of the shirt is that it is a designer piece with rhinestone attachments by the brand. So, if you are fond of designer pieces, you can look at this paisley printed design shirt.

  • Dream On


Enough of the navy blue, white, and black shirts, It is time to explore other colors akin to maroon. So, make the maroon stand out with small flower designs on paisley printed design shirts. The front button fastening leaves ample place to style it according to preference. 

The vibrant tone and abstract prints make the designer paisley print shirt a versatile piece. Pair it with faded jeans and sneakers for a casual outfit. So, if you are looking for a unique paisley printed design shirt for men, you must keep one of these kinds of shirts in your collection.


  • Paisley Floral

Paisley Floral

Medusa, Paisley, and abstract swirls with such a unique pastel-toned color- you will hardly get a shirt like Paisley Floral. BARABAS MEN has launched a floral paisley printed design shirt in lavender color. Therefore, if you are tired of wearing those mono-tonous manly colors, the lavender designer paisley print shirt can be the best suit.

You will also get the baroque design on the shirt with dragonfly and floral prints. The button-up long sleeve paisley printed design shirt is lightweight and collared. So, if you want to wear it as a formal shirt, you can also try. 

  • Archie Paisley

Archie Paisley

You may get paisley printed design shirts like BARABAS MEN. However, you will hardly get a polo t-shirt with a paisley pattern, with good quality. So, look at the Archie Paisley polo t-shirt of the brand. This t-shirt comes in black and white variants.

The short sleeve paisley design offers a luxurious feeling to whoever wears it. The contrasting collar of the paisley printed design shirt is another unique feature. You can wear it to college or occasional meet-ups with friends. Pair the t-shirt with chino pants to add a professional touch. If you are experimental, you can check out the paisley pants also.

  • Tough Opinion

Tough OpinionThe shirt is available in red and black, black and white, and silver and black combination. It is one of the best-selling paisley shirts by BARBAS MEN. Besides, the polka-dotted colorful swirled pattern makes an abstract over the shirt, which makes it different from the rest.
The designer paisley print shirt is a design of colorful curved, comma-shaped. Besides, the versatile abstract print makes the shirt ideal for parties, work, dating, and offices. Also, the shirt material is 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

Apart from that, you can also consider Paisley Land and Summer Rain by the brand. All of the paisley printed design shirts by the brand are unique and have their style. So, you will get a lot of options to choose. Take your time and include the best ones in your closet.