Flaunt the Embodiment of Medusa Printed Design Shirt with Barabas Men

Greek mythology is full of powerful characters with a practical representation of life. Medusa is one such character with a visual representation of cruelty, passion, and social abuse. Days are gone, however, few things remain the same. BARABAS MEN has introduced the medusa printed design shirt with intricate innovative work.

As a fashion enthusiast and trendsetter, our design shirt is one of the best-selling shirts for men. Also, we have a wide range of medusa t-shirts that suits all occasions.

Want statement Medusa printed design shirts- take a look at our collection

BARABAS MEN has the best designer medusa print shirt in cotton fabrics. Also, the striking color combinations give the pieces a unique touch. So, whenever you are searching for prints and statement clothes, grab our medusa printed design shirt. Now without further delay, let us brief you about our Medusa printed shirts for men.

  • Medusa Gorgon

Medusa GorgonThe Medusa Gorgon printed bomber jackets are an ideal piece for travel. The summer is already approaching. Hence, hills and mountains are crowded with travel enthusiasts. But that does not mean you have to blend into the crowd.

With the Medusa printed jacket, your look will never be dull. Moreover, for a trip like a bike ride, the soft, smooth, and vibrant bomber jacket will be the best. The elastic band on the wrists and detailing on the collar give you adequate protection against the wind. Just pair the piece with fitted denim and cool sneakers. You will grab the attention of the passerby.

  • Medusa De Oro

Medusa De OroWant to indulge in luxury items? BARABAS MEN has the best Medusa printed luxury jackets that suit your taste. The lightweight, study, and comfortable fabric of the designer medusa print shirt is ideal for an everyday cover-up.
On top of that, the front zipper with elastic waist, wrist, and collar details make the piece eye-catching. Besides, the best part of the piece is that you will get matching long sleeve shirts, polo shirts, masks, and slippers from BARABAS.


  • The Night Of Medusa

The Night Of Medusa

The name says it all. We are sure you will feel the same when you wear the BARBAS MEN printed Medusa shirt. This medusa printed design shirt contains 100% polyester that gives a smooth texture to your skin. The button fastenings match effortlessly with the shirt. 

Moreover, the golden Medusa prints over the black designer medusa print shirt create an outstanding contrast. If you are into gothic designs, this piece of long sleeve shirt is a must to have an item in your closet. It looks suitable with brown or black pants and semi-formal shoes like loafers.


  • Gold Empire

Gold EmpireThe medusa printed floral short sleeve shirt comes with a contrasting collar. Also, the high-quality cotton fabric of the piece makes it comfortable on your skin. Furthermore, the piece comes with the original black and gold combination. So, it can take place in your wardrobe as a party wear item.




  • Grandiloquent


Meeting your mates after a long requires the best outfit. The designer medusa print shirt from BARABAS MEN is the most demanded item for the occasion. The Medusa prints over the white shirt with a contrasting black collar give a unique touch.

Its moisture management technique makes the shirt breathable and ideal for a summer outing. Besides, the medusa printed design shirt is so versatile that you can pair it with chinos, trousers, and regular denim effortlessly.


  • Diversity


A lounge or dinner party that exhibits your true self needs a special outfit. BARABAS MEN makes top-quality men's outfits keeping individuality intact. Hence, the collared polo medusa printed design shirt will be the best for you. Once you wear the piece, it will feel soft on your skin due to the high-quality cotton fabric.




  • South Beach

South BeachThe crystal-detailed designer medusa print shirt by BARABAS MEN is a mandatory item in your summer closet. Along with medusa prints, the shirt also contains parrots, ocean, and leopard designs on its body. So, grab the lightweight, vibrant long-sleeve piece with your summer shorts for a beach look.





  • Lafayette Parish

Lafayette ParishLong sleeve Medusa t-shirts by BARABAS MEN are for those who want to break the rules and set their style. It contains prints with floral designs and Baroque prints on the Lafayette Parish button-down shirt.
The respective design makes it an eye-catching, lightweight piece. So, there will be no problem with wearing it all day long. The shirt goes complimentary with almost every bottom wear.



  • The Gorgon

The GorgonThis unique long sleeve shirt by BARABAS MEN is for the rule-breakers. The black and gold patterns with Medusa and rhinestone works make the piece a show-stopper. The shirt lays off a rich feel of wealth and class. So, if you are not afraid of being bold, this vibrant piece of designer medusa print shirt is for you.

Along with these pieces, The Imperial, Shrouding Blue, Traced, Deep Sea, Baroque Angel, and Multiplex are another most sought medusa printed design shirt by BARABAS MEN. Baroque De Monaco, Stonework, Hibiscus Dream, Your Highness, and Mythology, are also attractive. So, we assure you that you will get the best shirt from us according to your taste and convenience.