Flaunt Your Wild Side with Animal Prints Shirts from BARABAS MEN

What comes to your mind when you hear animal print shirts? Well, the first thing that comes to your mind is forest or wood. However, that is not the case here. 

The animal print shirts for men are now very much popular in fashion. And people are switching from monotonous formals to animal prints drastically. Therefore, if you want to stay in trend and look fabulous with time, you need to look at the collection by BARBAS MEN. 

Unique Designer Animal Print Shirts for Men

No doubt all men's animal print shirts look great. But, pairing the pieces wisely is the main deal. However, you don't have to worry about that, as BARABAS MEN are keen-eyed while designing their designer pieces. So, you will get your preferred animal-printed shirts from their collection. Now, without further delay, let us take you to their wide collection. 

  • Puppy Love

Puppy LoveThe Puppy Love white full-sleeve shirt by BARABAS MEN is a show-topper item. The tiny puppy prints throughout the shirt are truly cute. So, wearing this shirt on the first date may grab attention. Also, the fabric of the shirt is very light and made up of breathable materials. So, you can wear this shirt without sweating much. There, if you were looking for men’s animal print shirts for a while, you might want to take a look at this full sleeve shirt. 




  • Comfort

ComfortThe animal print polo shirts by BARABAS MEN are not just locally popular. The exotic style and designs have gained interest from other regions. This shirt has tiger, snake, and bird prints all over the body. Also, the contrasting sleeve border and collar make the polo t-shirt ideal for the younger generation. Whether you are in college or professional life, this shirt deserves a place in your closet. 




  • Estelle

EstelleAnother colorful variant of animal print polo shirts by the same is Estelle. Taking the essence of a tropical island retreat, this t-shirt has all the vibrant colors one may want to include in their fashion. The floral with animal prints make a great combination on a black base. And the lightweight breathable fabric leaves the stage clear to style as you want. Wear it with chino pants or trousers or jeans and preferred shoes to complete the look. 





  • Wildcat

WildcatWith a multi-color print, these animal print polo shirts have a contrasting collar and three-button fastening. Made up of 100% fiber fabric, the t-shirt is of premium quality. So, anyone can wear the shirt for day-to-night activities without feeling uncomfortable. Also, these versatile pieces can be worn as casual and semi-formal outfits effortlessly. 





  • Art Of Jungle

Art Of JungleThe short sleeve animal print shirts have everything that justifies the name - Art Of Jungle. BARABAS MEN designs unique designer pieces for men. And this short sleeve shirt is no different. The shirt has a Baroque design with hand-placed rhinestones. Apart from the tiger and parrot prints, it also has floral patterns. The eye-soothing color combination makes the shirt ideal for summer. Wear it with slim-fit trousers or jeans for a casual look. 





  • You’re An Animal

The short sleeve polo t-shirt has white and black contrasting borders on the sleeves and collar. Hence, if you thought that this designer piece is the same as others, then you are mistaken. The flat knit collar, short sleeves, and lightweight fabric make this polo t-shirt ideal for holidays. You will also get matching shorts with a polo t-shirt. BARABAS MEN has its own animal print pants with matching shirts. 

Animal print t-shirts and animal print polo shirts are now taking over the market. And according to famous designers, the anima print will be in trend for a few years. So, if you like the print, you can stock more than one or two pieces. But, don't forget to play with accessories. You will get appreciation from your neighborhood for such a charismatic fashion sense.