Go with the BARABAS MEN tiger shirts this summer

The misconception of summer outfits needs to go away. After all, summer outfits can be comfortable yet fashionable. If you ask us how; learn from BARABAS MEN. The tiger shirts by the brand are an ideal catch to look cool on a hot summer day. Not just the day, the cool summer shirts can take you to the night for a raving party. So, being a boring soul is the window thing. Take a look at the gorgeous stylish shirts in tiger prints and embellishments to welcome summer in style.

 Quality Summer Tiger Shirts for Killer Looks

Whether you are a polo shirt or a button-down shirt fan, BARABAS MEN is a one-stop solution for all. So, without any further introductions, let’s dive into the pool of options.

 Into The Wild

For the best tiger short sleeve shirts, you need to look at the Into The Wild polo shirt by BARABAS MEN. This shirt comes with red, green, white floral patterns on the black base. The collar and sleeve of the shirt have pure black borders. And the best part of the shirt is the tiger face hidden behind the floral patterns. In short, the shirt depicts the character of a sneaky tiger in the woods. Pair the shirt with leather pants or light-colored jeans and sneakers.

Wild Card

Wild and tiger- these two are synonymous. Keeping the characters of a tiger in mind, the Wild Card tiger t-shirts have rainforest leaves with a large tiger face printed at the middle of the shirt. This toucan short-sleeve polo shirt makes a good fit for college students to have a casual meet-up with friends after a long time. Also, you can pair it up with skinny jeans or chino pants efficiently. They all will look good with the shirt. And shoes like sneakers and loafers uplift your overall look. As for summer days, a shade is a must to have a thing to complete the outfit.

Tiger Scratch

No, the tiger scratch is not on your skin. But the name got your attention, right? Well, the Tiger Scratch shirt is a show-stopper when it comes to parties all night. The black base with golden scratches all over the body gives the shirt a dominating vibe like the tigers. Also, the tiger button-down shirts can make up for your formal meetings, followed by an after-work party. However, the matching and styling need some balance. So, feel free to give your special touch and make people's eyes turn towards you.

Roses And Tiger

Well, it is inevitable to avoid a black shirt even in summer. And golden and red prints on a black shirt are a total catch. BARABAS MEN knows it all. And that is why the Roses And Tiger shirt has baroque prints and long sleeves. So, the tiger long sleeve shirts will fall effortlessly on your skin without suffocating. And how can you ignore this multipurpose item when you have to pull nighters? Grab the shirt and pair it with your favorite chino pants for a cool look.


Summer calls for lightweight breathable fabrics. So, BARABAS MEN has tiger polo shirts on a white base. The striking red collar of the polo shirt grabs attention from the crowd. And if that is not enough, the tiger face printed just below the collar, covering the chest is surely an attention seeker. The red bands on the sleeves and stripes with tropical ferns and leaves all over the shirt make the shirt a mysterious piece. So, anyone with an eye for details will love this shirt.


There are so many varieties of tiger shirts available in the market. But, if you are a fashion enthusiast with an eye for quality material, BARABAS MEN is your ultimate destination.