Wear Rhinestone Printed Design shirt by BARABAS MEN for a Stand-Alone Look

You can create a fashion statement in various ways. However, wearing a rhinestone printed design shirt without any fashion crime can be critical. However, you can look at the rhinestone shirts by BARABAS MEN. It is because they consider all the requirements and fashion statements in mind.

So, if you are fond of the style, the range of collections will grab your attention. So, without wasting time, look at the designer rhinestone embellished shirts by the brand.

Create the Spectacular Look with Rhinestone Printed Design Shirt

  • Wild cat

Wild cat

Apart from the animal prints, Wild Cat has a multi-color design all over the polo t-shirt. The striking contrasting collar and sleeve borders make the shirt popular among the gen-Y. So, you can wear a designer rhinestone print shirt to the office with formal blazers and pants. 

Besides, it looks better with chino pants or jeans for a casual look. Therefore, If you are an avid brand-conscious person, a rhinestone printed design shirt in your closet will benefit you. You will also get matching clothes with this short sleeve t-shirt.

  • Paisley

PaisleyThe newest addition of BARABAS MEN has some unique colorful swirls on a white base with a red or blue shade. It adds an oomph factor to the shirt. Also, the crystal detailing makes it a designer piece.

Wear it to weddings as a guest or attend fancy parties and nightclubs. The breathable fabric is lightweight. So, it is a wise choice to wear it throughout the day.

This designer piece comes with rhinestone attachments. So, you can think of it as your prom outfit. This Paisley rhinestone printed design shirt is such a versatile piece for creating different looks. If you are open to experiments, you can wear it with fishnet pants. 

  • Chess king

Chess kingThis BARABAS MEN full-sleeve shirt has minutely detailed chessboard prints all over it. The Medusa and Baroque designs on all selective sides, make the shirt unique. The best part of the designer rhinestone print shirt is the rhinestone embellishments.

So, if you are looking for a checkered shirt to attend parties or nightclubs, this shirt will be your ideal choice. Moreover, you will get different contrasting pants to pair with the shirt.


  • Paisley floral 

Paisley floral

Medusa, Paisley, and abstract swirls of pastel color will look great. The Paisley Floral shirt has rhinestone attachments with unique designs. Moreover, the lavender color is relatively new to men’s fashion. So, if you are looking for a unique rhinestone printed design shirt, you need to look at these collections by brand.

Apart from that, the light color of the shirt leaves ample space for you to create a formal and casual look with the shirt. Wear it according to your convenience to make a unique style statement. 

  • Baroque checker

Barocco checker

Explore the famous roman days with the rhinestone printed design shirt by BARABAS MEN. It has golden prints all over the black shirt, like prints of Medusa, baroque prints, and floral motifs. It looks great for summer.

Additional Comfort

In addition, the golden color makes up the look for night parties and gets together. Also, the material is soft and of breathable fabric. So, you can carry out the designer rhinestone print shirt throughout the day till the night. 

So, these are some of the rhinestone printed design shirts by BARBAS MEN. Apart from these, you will also get more options. With Barabas, you will get a wide range of shirts and matching pants. From weddings to other celebrations, your party will be comfortable and stylish. So, check them out and gather the best pieces in your wardrobe.