10 Casual Wear Pieces All Men Must Have

The list of essentials that should constitute the wardrobe of every gentleman is not so long. Though style shifts now and then as time changes but a well-dressed man remains classic. Not every man has the essential pieces in his closet.

Casual wear is loosely defined as "anything traditionally considered inappropriate for more formal occasions."

Casual wears are normally a man's best chance to express a true sense of personal style. Men's casual wear is just what they feel comfortable wearing. You should understand that clothes are not just for fashion, but also, they are used because they are comfortable to wear and easy to carry anywhere. The casual dress code is a little overwhelming because of their freedom and flexibility. The most common casual thing a man tends to choose is a Jens, t-shirt, and a pair of nice sneakers.

But at BARABAS we will provide you more subtleties to spice up your casual style. So here are our best 10 casual wears that every man should have



The most common wear that comes into the mind of any person is jeans. Jeans are the backbone of casual wear, and great-fitting jeans are easy to dress up. If you want to project a smart look go for a quality pair of jeans with straight leg style and dark in color.


Denim Jeans is the best option for that as it is built for rough use and using it regularly makes the jeans look much better, that's the best thing about Denim. We recommend every man should have at least one pair of denim jeans.



Some people don't feel jeans much comfortable, for them we suggest Chinos as an excellent choice. They are both comfortable and stylish and can work well for casual smart wear.


Joggers are another alternative to orange chino pants as they are very comfortable and flexible at the same time. They can be used as both gym wear as well as ready wear dress.



Shirts give you a perfect look if you want to be a little sharper in your attire. Mostly cotton shirts are lightweight, easy to wear, comfortable, and wrinkle-free.

Half-sleeved Shirt

You can also try half-sleeved, printed, denim shirts, or mens red designer shirts as per your choice and occasion. A neat and tidy shirt always makes your look presentable in front of others.



If you are traveling and need something warm to wear then a hoodie is the best idea. Hoodies are comfortable and have pockets to put something in them. But beware of one thing that many hoodies are bulky and they are made of synthetic fabrics which will make them uncomfortable for anyone. Sometimes the design printed on the hoodie will make it hard for people to take you seriously.

We recommend you to go for the one hoodie which is light, warm, thin and fits you perfectly.



A pair of Cargo or Bermuda shorts can be appropriate depending upon the clime and the occasion. Cargo shorts are perfect wear for guys during summer. Since we know summer is the time for relaxation and to have fun under the sun, these shorts provide ultimate comfort and a mixture of style and casualness that every guy wants. Made of high-quality fabrics, so these should be the best option for your casual wardrobe.



Jackets give a relaxed and fashionable touch to your style. Most jackets are designed with an extra layer of protection for the chest.

Quilted Jacket

The design keeps cold air and water from getting into the jacket while you are traveling. For the best jacket selection, you can opt for Bomber, Leather, or Denim jackets that can pair well with your relaxed outfit and easily suit a range of looks.



Mainly used during winters, Knitwear is easy to throw on, perfect for keeping you warm and helps you to achieve smart casual wear. Sweaters can be used for both formal and casual wear. You can pair it with jeans, a blazer or a t-shirt it goes perfectly with most of the dresses. In particular, crew-neck and roll-neck sweaters will always come in handy during autumn and winter.


Polo Shirts

Polo Shirt

The Polo shirts are sports casual wear enjoyed by all sexes. Earlier created a sports shirt but the time has changed and now people use premium polo shirts for varieties of occasion. Manufactured with high-quality fabrics comes in a different range of colors and they are very comfortable for both office work or casual way.



People are fond of shoes, these days there is no shortage of stylish casual and comfortable shoes. It's important to put your best foot forward even for casual dressing.

Black Loafers

For casual look white sneakers are the best option which can go with any attire and go for leather shoes if you want a polished look.

Don't limit yourself to just sneakers however there are many other casual footwear alternatives such as desert boot, boat shoes, and loafers.



A seemingly very small accessory is worn for both function and style. You can think belt as a piece that pulls an outfit together. A belt can adjust your attire in a polished manner if your pant has a belt loop then always wear a belt with it or else it will look a bit sloppy.

Black Leather Belt

Today, belts are available in different widths, styles, and materials but a leather belt is always the best choice for any age. They are manufactured for regular and rough use and can last for years if you use them properly.


There are some timeless pieces that every man should own and be able to pull from the closet at the last minute but still look put together. A decent casual closet can help you to be presentable for every occasion and make you look attractive along with the proper comfort.