5 Outfits You Should Wear at a Party

Everything is changing year by year. the way we used to celebrate the festivities has changed too. The concept of the party has been improvised in recent years. in today's period, people choose their attire based on their moods, occasions, official meetings, and many more.

So, we can easily say that the fashion which we use to follow had been outdated.

If we talk about men, indeed, earlier men were not so fussy about their articles of clothing or attire. But with the change of time men started paying attention to premium mens clothing, they understood the formula of being presentable on occasions.

We at BARABAS welcome you to the world of men. We aim to inspire the expression of individuality for every customer so that they can show their charm confidently. BARABAS Men is more than a brand, it's an experience.

Notwithstanding, we have arranged this straightforward rundown of outfits to make them look simply awesome and easily comfortable for every size.


Casual Dress

Casual dress is the most common wear that many of you choose for parties or functions. As it is easy to choose and most of the time it looks attractive. Many times people don't include casuals as party wear but that doesn't stop you from showing your charm, you should just know what to pair with them.

Black T-shirt with Grey Jeans

If we talk about simple casuals, we recommend you refer to our collections of t-shirts, jeans, and track pants. We have a variety of wears as per our customer's request. T-shirts, premium polo shirts and track pants are the most common culture for dining and small parties, to go with this you can use your regular sports shoes or sneakers. Well, this dress code is usually worn in small house parties or if you go to the club or you have a party in school or college.


Smart Casuals

Smart casual wear is an ambiguous style. But it’s meaning changes with seasons, locations, and different people we met.

Smart casual dress simply means neat and tidy dress. Most of the time people choose nice-looking chinos or dark-colored trousers with a white or any plan shirt, black blazers for men, and proper matching leather shoes. Smart casual dress is slightly different than formal or business casuals.

Floral Shirt with Black Jeans

This attire will change your look decently. if you are a couple going altogether, then focus on the matching color of your partner. This will help you be more charming in front of others we have a large variety of casual blazers for you to select-





Cocktail Attire

Congratulations you got an invitation to a cocktail party. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear cocktail parties is costly suits, tux, and watches. But it's not necessary to wear costly things for a cocktail party not at all.

Black Party Suit

Cocktail attire should be elegant and simple. You should always consider the occasion, location, and time for your attire. The normal attire for a cocktail party is a suit, shirt, tie or bow tie, leather shoes. You can also use the business suit if it is well-fitted and in good condition.





Business Casuals 

Don't get confused about smart casual and business casual dress codes because both are different. The business casual dress code projects an air of professionalism. well in modern offices do not require suits.

But if you are attending a business party, the common attire is chinos with full sleeve multicolor sweater mens or dark jeans with a blazer. You can choose a classic button-down shirt with it. It is less formal but works perfectly in a business part.

If you are not sure about what type of shoes to go with it then us BARABAS have a vast range of shoes for different sizes-






Black Tie Dress

People who are usually invited to sophisticated parties are usually using this dress code. This dress code requires a tuxedo also called a dinner suit. Well, a tuxedo is slightly away from normal suits. The most common color for tux is black and midnight blue with a mixture of neat white shirt. Also, use a bow tie with the color of your Tuxedo and finish your charming look with black oxford shoes. Mainly people wearing these dress codes usually attend the night party, and appropriately wearing these will make you feel confident in front of everyone.

A dress code is a set of standards and rules for what type of clothing should we wear on different occasions, places, or if we are with different people. These dress codes help you to develop your image and personality, it also helps you to understand different cultures and help you to feel confident on yourself.

Dress codes are often considered as unspoken consensus, it puts an impact on others, it also changes your image in front of others.

We at BARABAS Men help you to improve your personality based on your attire. We believe in providing our best result so that you can show the best of yourself in front of others, that's why we created a vast variety of designs so that you never feel less, no matter its party or business meeting or marriage functions.

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