10 Men's Wardrobe Items That Can Make All the Difference

In addition to the necessary underwear, a man's wardrobe should contain a certain amount of premium mens clothing. We have prepared a list of things that should be in the closet, literally every man, so that you can look stylish and effective in any weather and any situation.


1. Blazers

Man in a Navy Suit

Do not think that you will not need a blazer if you are one of those men who do not like to wear them and do not wear them in everyday life. You will need it at some point, so do not wait for the moment to buy it in a hurry. Black blazers for men are the best choice if you struggle to get the perfect blazer look and color for you.


2. Cotton trousers 

Walking in sports and denim pants are considered premium men's clothing essentials in the summer heat is tantamount to suicide. Therefore, if you need to dress decently somewhere where you are not allowed in shorts, you should have cotton trousers in your wardrobe. The material of the trousers does not have to be cotton, and the main thing is to select light natural fabrics that guarantee you comfort and will not hinder your movements. The universal color of cotton summer trousers is beige. But you shouldn't dwell on it: you can choose any light shade: light green, gray, blue, white. Particular attention should be paid to khaki trousers: they are suitable for almost everyone and can be easily combined with other things. 


3. White T-shirt 

The essential element of any wardrobe is a white T-shirt not to be confused with premium polo shirts. Even if your closet is full of colorful and printed items, a white T-shirt can calm your look and serve as a link to your face. Please don't skimp on white T-shirts: you can buy three quality pieces with different cutouts, styles, and sleeve lengths and use them for several years. Moreover, it is unnecessary to buy strictly white T-shirts: products in beige and milky colors are also ideal for an essential wardrobe. 

White Polo T-shirt


4. Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are another versatile piece for summer and a premium mens clothing element. You are not limited in your choice: light or black, with frayed or not, you can choose any model you like. The main thing is to make sure that the shorts do not tighten you, constrain you in movements, and are not too short. What to wear with: Denim shorts look perfect with premium polo shirts, short-sleeved shirts, T-shirts. When choosing shoes, it is better to stay on sneakers or slip-ons.


5. Cotton Shorts 

Universal cotton shorts are an indispensable item in a summer wardrobe. Here you can not limit yourself: not only beige, white or gray are suitable, but also shorts in bright colors such as red, green, blue and so on. It is better not to take shorts with a print, as there is a high probability that they will not be combined with other clothing elements. What to wear with: You can wear cotton shorts with almost anything. You can wear them with T-shirts, T-shirts, premium polo shirts, short-sleeved shirts. They will look equally good with sneakers and sandals. 


6. Short-sleeved Shirt 

A short-sleeved shirt is a great outfit for work and a great alternative to a T-shirt. Again, it is a premium mens clothing and better to choose a shirt in light colors and natural fabrics. If you want to diversify your style a little, you can buy a shirt with a pattern or pattern, as long as it is small. So it will be easier to combine it with other things from your wardrobe.

Of course, a short-sleeved shirt cannot be worn with a jacket, and it is not suitable for office work and business meetings. One life hack: if you don't have a short-sleeved shirt or don't want to buy it separately, you can take a regular shirt and roll up its sleeves to about the elbow. It will turn out stylish and exciting. Therefore, they will be ideally combined with denim or cotton shorts or light trousers. Shoes suitable for this look are sneakers or slip-on sneakers, and if you spend time somewhere on the beach, then sandals will do. 


7. Polo Shirt 

Grey Polo Shirt

If suddenly you prefer to look solid even when you are outside the office, feel free to choose a polo shirt. Give preference to premium polo shirts; make sure that the polo collar is made of high-quality fabric that will not show through. If the weather allows you to wear a polo with long sleeves - do not miss your chance; it looks very stylish. But do not forget that polo shirts are usually worn outside. What to wear with: It is better to wear a T-shirt with cotton trousers or shorts. You can choose sneakers, sneakers, or loose shoes to match your image. 


8. Cap 

To avoid sunstroke, you must ensure that you always have a hat with you. A basic cap is perhaps the best solution for the summer. Choose a plain cap, preferably in light shades. Do not wear it with a visor back - this fashion has been around for a very long time. The beak should cover your eyes from the sun's rays, not the back of the head. What to wear with: Basically, you can wear it with almost all of your wardrobe items if you choose a basic cap. The only thing you need to be careful with is the shoes. Caps look odd with shoes and sandals, so go for something sporty. 


9. Sandals 

These are practical and comfortable shoes that are often overlooked. If you do not like sandals and strongly doubt the advisability of buying them, then you do not know what to wear them correctly with. Choose socks to match the color of your outerwear; make sure they are always clean and have no through holes. If you are not thrilled with the prospect of wearing sandals and socks, then at least do not consider it your duty to ridicule anyone who does not adhere to your position.


10. Sweater

A multicolor sweater mens is a premium mens clothing item made from natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, and cotton; it fits well, it should not be baggy. Great for cool weather. It replaces the jacket and makes you look more attractive in the eyes of women.