This Independence Day Party in Your Backyard

Not a party person? Then may be you need an occasion for the same. This Independence Day celebrate with your loved ones, family or friends. Wear an outstanding outfit to go with the flow. This holiday is a great opportunity to organize a fun party. So, either you will be hosting or one of the invitees, in either case, we got you covered. What to wear, what to avoid? Rather than going with the cliché flag attire, just experiment the trio colors. It’s time to flood your closet with some party outfits.  

Party wear has evolved since the time we’ve graduated. Nowadays we like to wear what’s more comfortable for us instead of what’s comfortable for others. So, be confident on whatever you select from our store, let us guide you to the various parties you might be attending this day and accordingly what you need to have in your wardrobe.

Outfits for Independence Day celebrations

Backyard BBQ Party

polo t-shirt by barabas men

Men are more like simple and a two minute ready pack. They preferably will choose a comfortable outfit and still look awesome. Figuring out, how do they do that? It’s incredible. Going out for a house party is more sort of a casual thing. Casual might be simple but will never stop you from showing your charm. Pick one tee, stripped or plain and pair it with blue, red or white shorts. A perfect go-to look for a party in a backyard. We at BARABAS aim at make you look as desired. We’ve a huge collection of t-shirts, Polos, shorts, and pants. For such small parties they are highly recommendable. Speaking of the shoes, go for fresh white sneakers or your regular sports shoes, they will give you a complete look. And now you’re ready for the party. Cheers!

Formal Party

Our clothes says a lot about us. One can’t agree more. There’s one piece of men’s apparel that is grounded as a winner in all aspects. If you have guessed a shirt, you have a plus point. Although you can go with the half sleeved tees, the full sleeved ones will have a bigger impact. Plus if you’re following the trend, you’ll know how to dress up well. In any case you’re not confident enough just go with the one that catches your eye. It’s best to stick to chinos or some dark colored trousers for the lower. Wear a blazer if you want. Don’t miss out on your leather shoes, they will do the magic. If you are going for a formal party, this decent look will whoop it up. BARABAS offers you a whole collection of shirts that you can select. Enjoy and be the heart stealer of the party! 

Themed party

themed party shirt by barabas men

A themed party is all about dressing according to the theme. Its Independence Day, so your go-to theme would be something based on the same. So, it’s time to go flashy wearing a flag t-shirt with trousers or half pants. Or if you’re the one taking dressing too seriously then go for a red printed shirt with blue shorts and base your outfit around that. After all, you’ve to choose from the obvious colors for the day. To make you confident around others we provide you the best clothing for every occasion. 

Cocktail party

Men in general think very critically about what to wear in a cocktail party, which by the way is easy to select. Now you don’t have to be concerned about that any longer, here we are! Let us guide you the easiest way to dress up well in a certain way. For a cocktail party, white classic shirt should be your top priority and that too buttoned up. You can pair it with a contrasting lower. How about black chinos? Just make sure you choose your shoes carefully. Don’t forget the sun glasses. So now hurry up! The party is waiting for you.

Pool party

pool part shirt by barabas men

4th July, a day in summer and you’re invited to a pool party, what could be better than that. BARABAS has a collection just for this moment. Our t-shirts and shorts are destined to be together. There are numerous cloth cabinet picks for guys to get dressed up for a party, it barely needs a good focus as finding the right outfit for men might be a bit challenging. Anyways for a perfect pool party, here’s a word of advice-

  • Wear a white vest paired with the floral printed loose shirt. Keep the buttons open, just for the swag.
  • Put on a pair of shades, color won’t matter. 
  • If you want, tie your shirt around your waist.
  • Wear a bucket hat 


As said by someone, freedom has its presence in your hearts, the actions, spirit of men so it must be revived every day. Don’t you think 4th July is perfect day to celebrate? So why not wear some refreshing colorful outfits. Don’t be in a hurry. You’ll get your desired trendy outfits from BARABAS. We have the entire of the store collection at your disposal, don’t overthink just go with your instinct.

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