2021 Spring/Summer Trends Every Man Should Know

The thing ‘change’ in life is inevitable. This fact can't be denied by any of us. Isn’t it true? Without a second thought; yes. With the evolving seasons, we need to choose a few changes in attire and our ways of life as well, yet here we are explicitly discussing the difficulties we face while dressing season-appropriate and also most importantly keeping comfort and style in mind. Changing seasons imply numerous adjustments in our day-to-day life too.

With the evolving seasons i.e., from winter, to spring, summer to pre-winter, there is a need to make a move in our ways of life also, be it changing our eating routine, our apparel type, and it’s just the beginning. Indeed, it's very testing to conform to the changing seasons, yet we can still wear stylish and trendy clothes for each season. Am I right? You must be saying indeed, well, I realize that. What sort of clothes to wear for spring/summer in 2021? What are the best summer garments for men? Too many questions in your mind will puzzle you for sure; however, as Barabas is here, you don’t have to stress. Whether wear loose pants, patterns, floral print shirts, plaid pajama pants, pink, white, or any other sort of apparel. We’ve made it simpler for you by listing the top best spring and summer trends that all men should know. 

Keep reading further and take a look at the best men’s trends for upcoming summers.

Top 5 spring/summer trends for men

Printed shirts

Printed shirts have a spot in each man's wardrobe, for a long time, be it men's animal print shirts, intriguing or unique printed shirts, particularly these flower print shirts that are astonishing, splendid, light to wear, and comfortable too. By wearing these floral prints, men can get that summer-style look without a doubt. Yet, mind you that wearing all floral or too many floral at a time will ruin all your efforts to get that desired style of yours, thus, wear only one piece per outfit. Complete the look by wearing these flower print shirts with Barabas savvy assortment of slick shorts, and also with an ideal pair of quality shoes. Keep a tab on our brilliant assortment of printed shirts.

Popular pieces of printed shirts at Barabas

  • Flowers for her
  • Summer breeze
  • Summer is calling
  • Life of the party 

Flower Print Long Sleeve Shirt

Bermuda-style shorts

Shorts are men's essential and most loved piece of fabric and also a top pick for their wardrobes, especially for summers. I can't envision summers without shorts. Can you? No right, except if you would prefer not to showcase your legs. Trying or experimenting with something new, other than that skinny denim or ripped jeans, or those plaid pajama pants; doesn't do any damage, so wear shorts and stay comfortable yet classy and stay summer stylish. Pair these shorts with Barabas' smart yet light-weighted and comfy collection of polo shirts, with an incredible pair of sneakers, loafers, or another trendy shoe piece. Our collection of Bermuda-style shorts comes in energetic tones and can be smartly paired with any printed polo shirt or t-shirts. You will love wearing our assortments, so get one for your size and add a twist of style.


Denim is the most adored piece in the fashion world among us all. We can't imagine our closets without having some incredible denim jeans in them, can't say our wardrobe is total without having denim in it. Why is denim the most cherished piece among men? Since they serve you adaptability which implies they can be worn with nearly anything. Likewise, it comes in numerous tones and striking styles; dark, dim, blue-colored denim is the most famous one, and above all these pieces of denim are durable, serving you for an extensive stretch. You can browse numerous sorts; from ripped denim to straight-fit denim, skinny, and many more. Look at Barabas smart jean collection and purchase what suits your body the most, Also complete your late spring look by blending them with our most recent rhinestone floral print shirts, polo shirt assortment with stylish summer shoes.

Most adored denim of Barabas

  • Rugged
  • Deep
  • November 7th rain
  • November 5th rain
November 7th Rain


Checkered/stripe patterns

One of the trendiest style clothes is a checkered pattern and that beautiful stripe design, wearing which you can shake spring or summer style game. These designed pieces are the most preferred trendy grabs for men for the summer season as they will effectively do the task to get you taken note of. Still don't have one? Go buy these most compelling cloth items today, upgrade your wardrobe and get that brilliant summer look. Want to look more stylish? Go for Barabas Checkered past collection of shirts that can be worn with ripped jeans or any plain denim, Bello style, warm weather checkered pants and vests, and so on. You can add more to your looks by wearing stylish Barabas sneakers and complete the outfit.

Checkered past collection of shirts

Wear some white

Be gutsy enough and rise out of those old trends and try some white. Wear white, keep cool, and feel light. This trend is to some degree risky as white doesn’t suit everybody and also it gets messy easily, yet men can pull this look if they pair and coordinate these with other attire things astutely. If you wear a white shirt or t-shirt; try blending it with some checkered pants, or blue ripped denim, black ripped jeans, or if you wear white shorts you can wear that with a polo shirt and half sleeve printed shirts. To get that desired charming look, wear an ideal savvy sneaker from Barabas.

Best selling white apparel at Barabas


Other trends you can go for

  • Patchwork
  • Loose pants
  • The color cream 
  • Plaid pajamas and many more


Keeping a harmony among apparel and seasons is an ability all men should know. At the point when more sweltering months i.e. spring-end and summers come around, we all need to change the way of dressing immediately and season-appropriate. Today we've covered the top 5 spring/summer trends for 2021 for men; wearing which they can overhaul their closet easily. Become more a la mode and stay trendy in any season. Pick Barabas, pick quality, and stay sharp.

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