Men’s Checkered Pants

You can make a huge difference with a little tune-up in your wardrobe this season. With this collection of men’s checked pants, you can make a bold fashion statement whilst keeping it classy and elegant, or you could just add a personal touch to your appearance. Checkered pants are one of the most fashionable ways to step out this season.


Barabas Men’s Checkered Pants


Whether you’re looking for something formal, like a pair of Prince of Wales suit pants in blue and team them up with a white shirt and tan brogues, or you need some inspiration for your outfit, which I would recommend you combine a pair of patterned cropped joggers in grey with a white t-shirt and white chunky sneakers for the ultimate smart-casual getup- or you just want something simple and casual, I have all the right recommendations for you.

No matter your size, shape, or preference, you can find the best pair among the finest collection of designs, including windowpane, gingham, patterned and hound’s-tooth- all available in thin and skinny fits.


Barabas Men’s Checkered Pants



What To Wear With Checkered Pants

There is hardly any occasion you cannot wear checkered pants too. They can be worn to informal and formal events or casual dating and meeting with friends. Feel free to pair these pants with plain or patterned t-shirts, button-down shirts, sweaters and other tops that meet your fancy.

If you need some recommendations on what to pair with your checkered pants, I recommend you pair with a roll-neck or a plain silk shirt, and a brogue to match your feet. If you will be going to an official event and are looking to keep your appearance formal yet classy, consider wearing a blazer, tie and a top coat to go with…that way, you keep your appearance plain and neutral.

Checkered pants can also add a classy feel to a casual outfit. For instance, if you have a pair of vivid gingham-check trousers or anything of that sort, you can stand out from the crowd by matching them with a sea-blue denim jacket, a white polo shirt, and some minimal white trainers.

Likewise, a pair of plain trousers will add quite a twist to a casual outfit of, say, a smart polo and black bomber jacket. It is quite simple actually and you can use the trousers to create a contrast in the outfit.

I should also add that if you will be wearing checkered pants, say white or black, you should wear either a plain black or white or grey shirt to go with. And if you want to add some color to your outfit, you should wear a dark blue shirt or a jean jacket with a neutral colored shirt under it. Perfect right?

Lastly, beware of matching colors or designs. The idea with checkered pants is that you do not wear print on print. But if you select a two-piece suit that is in prints like checks or floral prints then you should go for solid color shirts. Choose neutral shades of color or something that is contrasting to the checks.


Barabas Men’s Checkered Pants



When To Wear Checkered Pants

Checkered or plaid pants are perfect for fall and winter. They are comfortable and can match different patterns to make a selection of stylish and unique looks. 

For a casual and stylish appearance this winter, try a blue or white long sleeve shirt checkered pants. This duo makes a perfect and trendy combination. 

If you want to add a little bit of spice to your appearance this season, a pair of Black English brogues are a way to go. And if you will be spending more time at the office than usual, why not add some style to it with a blue denim jacket and your checkered pants.

In formal occasions, it is prudent to strive for balance and simplicity in color and design. Checkered pants come in different colors- taupe, navy, grey, invisible, bright colors, and straight stripes with different widths and spacing. The nature of the event will also determine what combinations to wear. You don’t want to look rather funny in a very important board meeting or a negotiation.


Barabas Men’s Checkered Pants


How To Wear Checkered Pants

A lot of people do not like to have all attention drawn to them when they step out, but they also like to appear elegant and classy even as they are comfortable in whatever they choose to wear. So how do you wear your checkered pants without looking like someone seeking attention or weird?

Well, to achieve this balance you will need to learn how to keep your combinations neutral. The only thing that should capture people's attention is your checkered pants. 

A nice suggestion is the plain but classy high-waisted checkered pants.

You can rock checkered pants with almost all kinds of footwear. Whether you choose to wear them with a classy silk top and loafers or a sweater and winter boots, they are just perfect. They are a versatile and fashionable way to make a statement. They are surely a must-have for you for this season.


Barabas Men’s Checkered Pants


What’s Special About Checkered Pants?

Checkered pants can add an elegant feel to a simple top. Regarded as the perfect option for someone who doesn’t like loud wears and for people who just want to keep it classy. I think one of the major reasons people should dress up well would be that they want to feel comfortable and confident. Dressing up in simple style with an air of grace and class can be a real confidence booster for men.

Checkered pants are specifically tailored for that; they make you look really good and feel better about yourself. When you match your pants with a nice t-shirt and a blazer to go on top for a big meeting or presentation, you will feel more confident and prepared to take on the tasks that come your way. When you dress well, others can tell and it’s funny that you also can; there is an extra puff that comes with every step you take.

Besides, checkered pants are perfect both for styling with other nicely designed tops or other casual wears. They have been a favorite amongst celebrities for some time now – and they don’t seem like they would ever go out of style or trend.