5 Accessories to Upgrade Your Fashion Game

It is true that the worker can dress as he sees fit in his workplace. Some employers impose a specific or uniform dress. However, it is still necessary to be aware of the rights and obligations in terms of clothing at work. Here is all you need to know.


Companies Require Formal Dress Code

Some companies regulate the wearing of work clothes, under very specific conditions. On the other hand, the employer must ensure that these conditions result from the nature of the work to be performed. The choice of outfit must indeed adapt in proportion to the desired goal. A touch of personalized garment printing will always look good. If the employer, therefore, finds coherent justifications for wearing such and such clothes, he may well impose it.

A company even has every interest in standardizing professional clothing to show certain professionalism and team solidarity. In any case, some jobs do not require a common model of clothing. It may well be that each worker who demonstrates each of their styles is of more interest to clients, such as employees of a modeling agency, a business or boutique of fashion, hairdressing, etc.

For reasons of hygiene or safety, employers may require specific accessories or clothing in the performance of certain tasks. A personalized printing accessory can for example create hats for workers in cool weather, on which it affixes initial or logo. When the employee is in direct contact with the customer, such as the salesperson, the company can impose the "dress code".


Wearing Professional Clothing Depends On The Profession

The freedom to dress as you wish is not always legally permitted, whether in the workplace or elsewhere. In fact, the judges have already considered the right of the employer of a real estate agency to prohibit its staff from showing up in tracksuits at work, wearing Bermuda shorts, or wearing clothing which is quite simply incompatible with the duties ( especially the reception of customers).

It is therefore not possible to dress freely, even if it is really hot. Wearing a skirt, flip-flops, Bermuda shorts, is only allowed if the profession allows it. Working in a closed office as receiving clients at the bank certainly does not involve the same rules of dress. In any case, safety measures must be respected, both for the company or employer and for the worker. Therefore, it is necessary to choose among the articles and safety accessories made and personalized by personalized accessory printing or professional clothing.

An outfit imposed by a company requires an interview which is at its expense. This can result in the allocation of a fixed premium, intended for cleaning or the reimbursement of costs. Some companies provide barrels of laundry to their staff.

When the outfit is not imposed, it is still necessary to always be professional by resorting to personalized clothing printing. And even if this is not a requirement, it remains the duty of the employee to reveal a little modesty and decency through their clothes.

We must admit, in terms of fashion, men are not served as well as the fairer sex. This doubly complicates things when they want to express their personality through their look. Still, many of these gentlemen manage very well to stay stylish with a simple t-shirt and raw jeans. So what makes them look different from others? The answer is quite simple: their original way of accessorizing their outfits. Indeed, accessories are essential to perfect your look and reveal your personality.


Unfortunately, it is difficult to find oneself with these multitudes of accessories on sale in the trade. But don't panic, just like clothes, there are some basics you can adopt to give your outfits a real personal touch.

1. A Tie

Blue Silk Tie

The tie, the mythical accessory that crosses the ages. It is certainly the quintessential male accessory. So difficult to do without. So traditionally, it was intended for rather strict dress codes. Today, it can be mixed with almost all everyday looks. A black tie goes the best with men's red designer shirt. The must: there are all kinds and all colors. Nothing better than to twist all your outfits. As long as you wear a shirt. The t-shirt and tie combo are for the punks.


2. A Watch

Steel Watch

There is nothing to say: the watch is a classic in the male wardrobe. Any well-dressed man must wear one, adapted to his mentality, his style, and especially his wrist. Not only is the watch a charming asset that sets you apart from the rest, but it will also complement your outfit. And refine your style with a touch of originality. Whether automatic or quartz, high-end or fancy, rest assured that it will make all the difference.


3. A Belt

Silver Buckle Leather Belt

If the bag is a woman's best friend, the belt is without a doubt that of men. Whether formal or casual, the belt will accompany you everywhere, summer and winter. On shorts, a suit, or a pair of jeans, it gives style if it is well matched to the color of your shoes (preferably). And to be a cut above everyone else, choose it in beautiful full-grain leather or braided leather. Your mode score will skyrocket.


4. Socks

Men Wearing Socks

Although socks are essential accessories to be completely comfortable in your sneakers, they also allow you to bring style to your outfits. Indeed, far from being simple practical accessories, socks testify to your stylistic mastery without a false note. To be hyped to your toes, dare to wear patterned or colored socks that will brighten up your looks. And the more it stings, the more it is trendy. However, a few rules to remember before adopting this new craze. First, never try to coordinate them with another element of your outfit. Then choose them not too short so as not to show your calves when you are seated.


5. A Scarf

Scarf with Hat and Sunglasses

Contrary to popular belief, the scarf is not reserved for the winter seasons. Yes, she is doing just as well in summer. Choose there in silk or wool to face the cold of winter. And rather in light material for the summer. In jersey or linen, it's up to you. And, to refine your look, even more, dare to use colorful, printed, or oversized scarves. You will be on top.


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