Men’s Collared Shirt Types For All Events- Do You Have Them All?

A shirt is a crucial piece of clothing in each man's life. Regardless of whether you are a student, a finance manager, an educator, or a man of some other calling, you surely need various kinds of shirts for various events to make your mark. The inquiry here is, Why? Ah! That’s so simple, to raise your style statement, to get the appreciation you deserve, and also because these shirts are highly adaptable! Each collar type adds a unique touch to your outfit just as your looks! How might we add another touch to our overall outfit thinking about the setting of the event? All things considered, it’s clear! By essentially picking to wear various kinds of Collared shirts accessible in the style world for every single event.

You need to know about these distinctive collared shirt types and the manners in which you can style them, and then you are all set to rock any event! These shirts are revered and the most mainstream garments given their versatilityPick the best-collared shirt type that suits you and give yourself a super-stylish update!

Different types of collared shirts for all occasions

Each event requires a different look and for that, you need to know what piece of clothing is most equipped for giving you that special and trendy look you need. A collared shirt is all you need! In the fashion world, we have various sorts of collared shirt types for all occasions. It's amazing, right? Thus, assuming you don’t know about all these shirt types, this article is for you! without further ado let’s dive in!

#1 Oxford shirt

From the list of most astonishing collared shirts that we’re going to discuss today, oxford shirts have gotten a present day-top pick as they are flexible and exceptionally breathable! What sort of neckline oxford shirts have? These shirts have a button-down collar with a slight gap between collar points and that is the thing that makes these shirts not quite the same as other dress shirts. You can wear these shirts with chino pants for business casual settings, with an extravagant blazer for some special event, under a suit jacket, and even with jeans for casual outings.

#2 Collared Dress Shirts

One of the eminent and more formal collared shirt types is our dress shirt. These shirts are open in various tones. There are plenty of tones these shirts are accessible in, but hey are you still wondering about the best tones for dress shirts? If yes, then let me assist you with this. Light blue, white, navy, and light pink are the best tones. Are you thinking about how to create an eye-catching impression with a dress shirt? It’s pretty much simple, wear it with an ideal pair of dress pants and shoes, considering your estimations, trousers’ tone, and this way you can easily be able to get a more spruced-up style.

Important points to consider:

  • opt for lighter colors
  • Avoid ill-fitted shirts
  • Focus on your trousers’ tone as well

#3 Camp collar shirts

Another in-vogue collared shirt type is a camp collar shirt, well-known for its versatility, spread collar, accessibility in solid shadings, and exciting prints! This means you’ll get to choose from plenty of options that will match your vibe. Men’s Camp collar shirts are specially designed to keep you cool on the hottest summer days. Stay cool with these breezy loose shirts. Its open collar style gives you the unique look that everyone desires. For a casual event, wear these shirts with ideal trousers and loafers. If the setting demands you to smartly dress, choose to pick out a patterned shirt and pair that with a chino trouser and loafers.

#4 Short-sleeve Button-down shirts

Hey folks it’s time to step up your style game! Short-sleeved button-down shirts are profoundly adaptable, every man’s wardrobe essential, and one of the most stylish collared shirt types for men. These shirts have additional buttons that hold collar flaps. You’ll surely look chic wearing these short-sleeved button-down shirts! What’s so special about these shirts? you'll have the option to get the ideal looks by blending these shirts in with various sorts of base wear, be it with some shorts, chino pants, or even jeans - it’s that simple! Try various tones, patterns, and prints to upgrade your outfit. Also, remember to finish your looks with a pair of stylish shoes and few accessories.

Short-sleeve Button-down shirts

#5 Polo shirts

Polo shirts are one among the collared shirt family, famous for their one-of-a-kind collar design, and neckline with few buttons, these shirts are skilled to look extraordinary on each person; be it a young man, teen, grown-up, or an elderly person. You ought to consider the appropriate fit, the shading that suits you, texture, and obvious accessories like shoes, and a couple of additional items, if you need to get that on-point and high-style look. These shirts are best when worn with denim jeans, chinos, and shorts. Nail it with a polo shirt!

Polo shirts for men

Barabas chinos for your polo shirt look:

#6 Mandarin Collar shirt

From the most-loved collared shirt types, mandarin collar shirts are known for their terrific band collar that gives you a classy look. These shirts are more suitable for formal events and there is no need for ties! its band collar will do the task to make you look astonishing and sharp. With what sort of pants, you can wear mandarin collar shirts? Fitted jeans or chinos for a semi-formal occasion, crisply creased trousers for a more professional look. We suggest you wear a white mandarin collar shirt with dark-hued chinos and dress shoes to grab a ton of notice.

Barabas Dress shoes for men:


Little subtleties assume a significant part in giving us the style and look we need. Shirt’s collar, prints, plans, shadings, buttons, and much more add to our general style. Today we've discussed extraordinary and stylish collared shirt types for men that each man ought to have on the off chance that they need to conquer each event, they stroll in!

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