5 Styling Ideas with Different Types of Jeans for Men You Must Know

Different types of jeans for men have always been an integral part of styling. Throughout the years, fashion has gone through a lot of changes. But few things remained unchanged. Jeans are one of them. And why wouldn't it be? With single jeans pants, tons of styles can be approached. Even if you don’t have a lot of options in the closet, you can still look cool and fashionable with one or two pairs of jeans.

However, your pairing game has to be good enough to repeat your jeans. And if you don’t know how to ace the style with jeans, let us explain them.

5 Ways You Can Wear Your Different Types of Jeans

Different types of jeans are present here in the world of fashion. And all of them will look good if paired properly. So, here you will know about the most effective and popular 5 ways of wearing your different types of jeans.


1.    White T-Shirts with a Ripped Jeans

Being a fashion freak, you must know about ripped jeans for menAnd white t-shirts always leave a fresh vibe. So, you can pair the ripped jeans with your favorite white t-shirt for a casual look. If you want a semi-formal look, you can put on a blazer over that. Make sure to pay attention to your footwear to separate the formal look from the casual look.

2.    Tapered Jeans with an Oversized Shirt

If you cannot resist the comfort of an oversized shirt and jeans altogether, then this pairing will be your best option. Solid-colored tapered jeans will make you different from the rest. So, include the tapered solid colored jeans with an oversized shirt. It will also look good for college guys. So, if you are a college student, you can pull off this look efficiently. If you want to stand out in the crowd, wear your boots with this pair.

3.    Sweatshirts with Regular Fit Jeans

There are so many options with regular-fit jeans. But at the same time, regular fit jeans seem a bit boring. So what can you do to change the look?

Instead of those regular shirts and t-shirts, you can put on sweatshirts with regular-fit jeans for menAnd if you are traveling to a hilly area, sweatshirts will be your go-to-go item. So, don’t throw away your regular fit jeans. You can also try to mix and match this combination with cool accessories. And shoes are already there to change the look.

4.    Printed T-Shirts with Loose-Fit Jeans

A graphic printed t-shirt and loose-fit jeans for men are a hot combination. Loose-fit jeans let you move freely, whereas you can experiment with the upper part. Print whatever you like on your t-shirts and flaunt them with these jeans. Converse shoes, boots, and sneakers go in handy with this combination. Caps, headbands, and sunglasses are also there to uplift the look from the monotonous lifestyle. However, you must maintain the harmony between these items. Otherwise, your entire look may feel stuffy and cheap.

5.    Full-Sleeved Shirt with Slim-Fit Jeans

If you hear someone say that they don’t like slim jeans, then they don’t know how to pair them properly. Slim-fit jeans are one of the most versatile and stylish items in your closet. You can pull off a casual and a formal look with those same jeans. Just pick a full-sleeve shirt with leather belts and shoes for a formal look. And roll up the shirt and put on a blazer over it to turn the look into a casual look. Styling with slim-fit jeans pants is as simple as that. So, do not hesitate to wear slim-fit jeans for men.

So, these are the top 5 looks for men in jeans. You can take inspiration from these and include your personal touch. All of them will look good on you.