7 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas for Men

You just got rid of the layers and now the summer sweat. Comfort is the only thing on your mind! Fashion can seriously remain on the break. - Does that sound like you? We know it's sweating hot out there but that doesn’t mean, we will let temperatures defeat your summer fashion.  

Bright, vibrant and light – it is time to uplift your wardrobe for summers in style. It’s finally time to get rid of those suffocating layers and bring on your A-game with smart and comfy summer wear. What could be a better time than summers to style your version 2.0 post the long COVID disruptions! Pool parties to the backyard barbeque, road trips to corporate meetings and all those pending weddings and celebrations; we have compiled this special collection of easy outfit ideas for men in 2021 for all your summer events. 

Top 7 Summer Outfit Ideas for Men

1. Plain Shorts with floral shirts

If there was a time, men could get away with wearing the floral shirts in style; summer beaches and poolside it would be. The whole point of summer fashion is to give away that casual breezy vibe. Flowers add a refreshing feel to the scorching summer heat and also to your new summer look. Pair up the floral shirt with plain shorts to cut down on the color outburst on the top and go with slippers or sneakers depending on the outdoor occasion.

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2. White tees and Shorts 

If florals seem too bright for your style; you can also pair your shorts with casual t-shirts or short-sleeve shirts for an ageless summer look. Style your hair and put on your favourite sneakers and you are ready to roll. Summer fashion can’t get any easier than that. Plain white t-shirt over light coloured shorts are our favourite pick especially on those exceptionally hot summer days when you just can’t bear the full-lengths.

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3. Polo with Chinos

If we had to pick individual clothing items for your summer wear; we would probably start off with these two. The best part is – they look equally dashing when paired together too. Solid polo tees over beige or earthly coloured chinos look great on all men; regardless of your body type. So, two things we do recommend stocking up are some new polo shorts and stylish chinos. Style this easy summer outfit with canvas sneakers or casual loafers. Also, put on your sunglasses as you step outdoors for a more fashionable casual look.

4. Vest over tees 

Sporting weekends with mates has been a thing almost all men missed last summer amidst the strict lockdowns. Finally, we are free to move out and it’s time to enjoy good sports with your friends. Whether you’ll be watching a soccer match at home or playing beach volleyball, nothing looks more athletic and effortless than a cool vest over your long shorts. You can also take along your cap or sunglasses to arrive and start the day in style.

5. Checkered Vest and Pants

It is going to be a long day with sweltering heat and endless meetings; the last thing you need is a suffocating corporate suit blazer. Abandon your formal suits this summer and get a new office look with the BARABAS Men's checkered design formal vests. Wear them on top of button-down shirts and matching pants for a more refined, tailored look. 

Made from up to 97% cotton fabric, the innovative vest suit is the perfect formal outfit for summers. It will instantly make you stand out in a room filled with men wearing those same old typical plain suits. Cotton comfort in the sun is just an additional plus. 

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6. Utilize your White jeans 

White jeans are probably the most under-utilized clothing resource in men’s wardrobes. Summers are a perfect occasion to give dark denim a break and enjoy the clear, summer air in your white denim. You can style your white jeans in any of the following three ways for a comfortable and easy to style summer outfit: 

a. White Jeans and Printed Shirts

You can style your white denim jeans with any of the printed shirts for summer casuals. We would typically suggest picking shirts in lighter shades to create a more coordinated outfit. You can then elevate your style with polished shoes or dress it down with casual sneakers or loafers for a more relaxed vibe. For a change to your white jeans routine, you can also check out our brand new Show-Stopper and Game-Changer white jeans that come with a single stylised strip to elevate your summer style.

b. White Semi-formals

White jeans can also be a great asset in the summers if you are going for a semi-formal look. White jeans appear minimalistic on their own and make it easier to style them up with little effort for both casual and formal occasions. You can go for a button-down shirt and blazer for a casual yet sophisticated style statement at semi-formal events.   

3. All-White

One that we would call a bold look and recommend only for more experimental folks is an “All-White” look this summer. Go for a bright pair of white jeans, matching shirt/t-shirt and top it up with a darker shade of white for a designer jacket. You can then add a tiny tinge of colour through your footwear to avoid looking too dull.

7. Under The Sun shirts with elevated jeans 

Last but not the least, this outfit idea is recommended exclusively for those few daredevil fashionistas. Everyone can pull off an ordinary tee with classic denim. But, if you are planning to elevate your fashion game, try out our exclusive collection of Under the Sun shirts. The premium range of long-sleeve, button-down, cotton shirts has been inspired by the refreshing summer vibes. You can style them up with any of your elevated denim jeans; including the white ones.

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Summer is the time to show off your real wardrobe gems. With a year of indoors, summer fashion this year is especially exciting to sport our favourite tees, polos, shorts and stylish footwear. But, we want to keep your comfort at par with your incredible style quotient. So, we strongly recommend going for more natural fabric rather than synthetic ones. Last bit of advice – Don’t forget your masks as you focus on acing the summer fashion. Style is comfy and classy and stays healthy.