Casual Outfits That Women Love On A Man

A casual first date, movie night, friend’s get together or a special day out with your lady love? If you are up for a casual event and stuck on what to wear to stay stylish; bro you are not alone. Impressing the girls with a tailored 3-piece is any man’s game. Casual outfits are your real fashion test. It allows you to express your true personality and showcase your personal style. Casual combos allow you a plethora of style options from stylish and classy to rugged and athletic looks. 

On paper, we would all like to believe that we should not judge a book by its cover. But in the dating world; we all know how important first impressions can be. So, express yourself with your stylish casual wear for men. You are out to impress the ladies or make your girl fall in love with you once again, try out our hand-picked casual outfit combination that women are sure to love on a man.

1. Leather Jackets

A casual clothing item for men that’s edgy yet not too much is the forever popular leather jackets. A black leather jacket gives you that masculine, sporty look that all girls love on a man. The best part is you can easily style it with so many of your casual wear like blue denims, stylish jeans and turtlenecks. Talking of footwear, boots can be a great pick to style your casual outfit of the day with a leather jacket. If you are looking for a new pair of leather jackets; you should definitely try our stylish Rock-N-Roll and Harrison series. 

Best Leather Jackets for Men

2. Distressed Jeans 

If you want to go in for an effortlessly stylish and a super-casual look; bank on the latest casual trends in men’s fashion. A casual clothing item that has become a new must in a man’s wardrobe in recent years is a pair of rugged/distressed jeans. But, we do recommend being careful with the number of rips as they can quickly go from a fun vibe to weird fashion sense when it comes to stylish casual wear. You can also balance their ruggedness with white shirts and further complement it with white sneakers for a casual vibe that women are sure to love. 

Best Jeans for Men

3. Denim jackets with jeans and tees

What is a casual clothing item that is just as cool as the staple denim jeans? “Denim Jackets” 

If you are looking for an easy outfit idea that looks relaxed; jeans and t-shirt would be the first idea that immediately pops into mind. You can quickly elevate this basic fashion idea by adding a cool denim jacket to stay stylish.  Black t-shirt, slim-fit jeans, denim jacket and sneakers would definitely be an impressive casual combination for any man. 

4. Polo T-Shirts over Chino Pants

There is hardly a fashion list for men these days that doesn’t sport these two. If you are the fashionable man we believe you are, this has to be a no-brainer. Polo t-shirts have come a long way from being a sports time favourite to occupying a popular space in men’s casual wear. You can style the polo-shirts with our Glister chino pants for a smart casual look or denim for a super-casual look that women absolutely love on men. 

Best Polo Shirts for Men

5. Athletic Outfits 

After all those hours of sweating it out in the gym, you definitely deserve to cash-in on your amazingly athletic body when it comes to your style and impressing the girls. From athletic fit jeans and jogger pants to Rock-style shirts and hoodies, casuals are a great time to impress the ladies with your healthy lifestyle and fitness levels. 

6. Stylish Suits

We know we promised you no 3-piece on this list but you got to have some stylish suits too in your wardrobe to keep your fashion occasion appropriate. All men have a regular formal suit but you can’t be spotted in the same old black suits at informal celebrations like cocktail parties and wedding days. Special occasions like these are a perfect place to bring in your best foot forward and impress the woman. Tailored suits are possibly the number one outfit that women absolutely love on a man. Check out our unique collection of stylish blazers for casual occasions to bring in a brand new style to the room.

7. Knitted Wear

For the longest time, many men have held this misbelief that knitted wear demotes their fashion sense. But, this is just not true. Women off-course don’t mind a well styled layered winter look with knitted wear. The only thing you can’t afford is to look like a stuffed teddy as you keep layering to stay warm. So, depending on your athletic build and aesthetic preference, you can actually enjoy those warm cardigans too as mercury drops. The only tip is – Go for the crow-neck if you have an oval face; opt out for V-necks if you have a long face. A cashmere sweater with chino pants can be an impressive casual combo to wear in the winters. 

Best Sweater for Men


Casuals are a great opportunity to strike a good balance between style and comfort. Just make sure you are wearing an outfit that goes well with the occasion. The next time you are going out for some fun, you can also chill about your casual combos. Just bookmark this blog for more such amazing fashion blogs and stay at the top of your fashion game. 

--- Bonus Tip ---

Never ignore your shoes. Devil lies in the details. One of the most important things that a woman sees in a man is his shoes. So, don’t get lazy with those. Especially if you are going in for leather shoes; try to buy some real leather boots. We are all up for pocket friendly style options but you can’t afford bad footwear. Additionally, if you think long term, it is better to have best pair of branded shoes that last long rather than buying a new pair every two months. Not to say, anything is wrong with that. If you too are a sneaker freak, you off-course deserve an amazing shoe collection to go well with your impressive casual outfits.