7 Men's Fashion Rules You Should Never Break

The most common thing you have heard is "There are no rules while dressing". But, this is not the standard. Some rules need to be in place, no matter how fashionable your dress is. Without these rules, your clothes may not look put together. Hence, it is better to maintain some rules to avoid fashion crimes.

But, what are those rules?

If you don't have much knowledge on that, let us share what experts think about that. Here, we will discuss seven rules that every man should maintain.

Top 7 Golden Rules of Men’s Fashion

Top 7 Golden Rules of Men's Fashion

The days of wearing anything over everything are gone. Even if you go grocery shopping, you must look at your clothes before you step out. So, without further delay, let's know the golden rules of men's fashion.

1.       Stop using the bottom button of the blazer

If there is a button, then you must use it, right?

WRONG. You must not button down the last button of any blazer. The suit is designed to fit your body. So, when the last button is tied, it puts pressure while seating, resulting in making your posture stiff. Therefore, it is advised to not use the last button at any cost.

2.       Prevent yourself from overwashing the clothes

"Washing is equivalent to cleaning" is an old myth. The more you wash the less durable your clothes become. Many reputed brands suggest their customers not to wash jeans frequently. Over washing your clothes will fade the color, and ruin the elasticity of the fabrics, resulting in losing the overall charm of your clothes.

3.       Not all shirts require tucking

Discard that mom's logic that tucking your shirts will look good. Not all tucked-in shirts will look good. For example, tucking shirts with jeans is a big no. Similarly; shirts with short lengths won't look good with chinos or shorts. So, pair your bottoms properly if you plan to tuck in the shirts.

4.       Polish is more than just for shining

The myth of polishing your shoes is to enhance the shine. But, sorry guys, the polishing is more than just adding shine to your shoes or any leather items. Regular polishing will enhance the shine. But, it will also increase the durability of things.

Another thing is that never wear things without proper polishing, especially shoes. The first thing about your appearance is your footwear. So, always put on a clean and polished shoe.

5.       Never compromise with fitting

NO. In simple words, no matter what happens, never compromise with your fitting. Be it the trending shirt or blazer in the store, if they don’t have your size, do not buy it. The same designer piece will look ugly if it does not seat properly on your shoulder, resulting in a bad investment.

6.       Match the leathers

Leather items are classy items. Also, the colors of the leather are so vibrant that no two colors blend with another one. Therefore, if the leathers on your attire have different tones, they will end up fighting with each other, making your overall look dull. So, instead of putting different leathers on belts and shoes, try to match the leathers.

7.       No more overstuffing

The more the merrier- this is probably the worst thing that can happen to you in styling your clothes. Even if you have the best designer pants, shirts, and shoes; please refrain from wearing them altogether. It will make you look like a fancy magic ball.

So, as long as you don’t want to dress up like that, try to match the vibe with just one or two designer pieces.

So, these are the top seven rules that you need to maintain to look fashionable. Now try to include them in your fashion and get ready to slay the latest trends in men's fashion.