Common Mistakes Men Make While Wearing a Belt

Initially, it was thought that a belt is a mandatory item in men’s fashion. No matter what you wear, you must finish the look with a belt. Till now, it was fine. But nobody told you that, wearing belts with everything may not look good. And a mismatched belt is a big no.

Wearing a Belt is not as difficult as you think, only if you know the basic rules. So, what are those rules for wearing belts with every outfit? And what are the common mistakes of wearing belts for men?

If you are not well accustomed to the rules, let us share some common mistakes by men while wearing a belt.

5 Mistakes of Wearing Belts for Men

Mistakes of Wearing Belts for Men

Even a simple mistake can dig your grave. So, avoid these five mistakes while wearing a belt with your outfits.

1.       Mismatched belts and outfits

Mostly there are two types of belts; formals and casuals. And that is it. You need to store this information in your mind at any cost. Because, most of the time, people end up mixing that information. As a result, the entire outfit becomes a fashion crime. For example, will you love to pair a canvas or synthetic belt with a formal suit?

No, right? Similarly, wearing a dull leather belt with a simple buckle over distressed jeans will look unflattering. Therefore, it is necessary to think and arrange your items properly to get a great put-together outfit.

2.       Not matching the leather

Both formal and casual belts come in leather and other materials. Even in leather, there are tons of varieties. So, you have an enormous number of options for leather belts. Now, this is where most men end up making a mistake. They don't consider the different shades and patterns of leather belts into consideration. As a result, the belts become mismatched to the outfit. So, keep it simple.

Therefore, if you are wearing dark brown shoes, please wear a dark brown belt only. And if you are wearing a different type of shoe, such as white sneakers, go for the belt that matches your bottom's color. Even if you are carrying a handbag, make sure to keep the bag in the same color as the leather.

3.       Excluding ratchet belt

Are you among those persons who wear belts with holes here and there? Then please stop wearing them. a true fashion freak will never do that. Forget about fashion, no one should wear those belts.

You need a belt with holes that fits your waist. And if that is not an option go for the ratchet belts. The buckles are interchangeable, making a wide scope of wearing the belts properly.

4.       Leaving the end dangling

Coming right after the fitted belt, you need a belt that sits on your waist properly without keeping the loose end dangling. If you are not able to find a fitted belt, make sure to adjust your bottom.

If there is any option of adding any loops to your bottoms, then it is fine. Otherwise, find a belt that fits without leaving a dangling end. You can also visit the designer men’s apparel stores for custom belts. Those reputed brands have belts for all.

5.       Not giving attention to the buckle

Leaving the buckle unattended is the silly yet troubling mistake that most men make. But you need to overcome these mistakes.

So, try to note the patterns of your overall outfit first. After that, think properly about what type of buckle will look good with the outfit. Many leather belts prefer to stick to the basic buckles. However, the designer belts have stone embellished logos on the buckle. This leaves a classy and elegant vibe.

So, these are the most common mistakes that most men make while pairing a belt. So, if you are facing issues while wearing a belt, then this guide may help you.