7 Shirt Types That Always Impress

Jacket-like pants, shirt-like shirt? Not at all! What at first glance appears to be a matter of individual understatement needs to be cleverly thought out. The shirt is a man's loyal companion, but not every situation in life requires the same variant. The routine approach to solid white always achieves superior results. Blue, on the other hand, is the key to a smart outfit.

On a daily basis, we tend to always wear the same styles of men's shirts and this is a shame when we know the variety of shirt cuts available in stores.

Of course, the more there is a difference between shirts, the more complicated the act of choosing a men's shirt will become, but the variety of styles is not the very essence of fashion? For my part, I consider that a successful look is a constantly evolving look, and sticking to the same long-sleeved shirts is too easy in my opinion.


1) One idea, a thousand implementations: the white shirt is irreplaceable

Casual White Shirt

Even in casual times without any dress code, the shirt is impossible to get down. It reappears in countless variations in every collection, regardless of the season. But even with this classic men's wardrobe, the details are indispensable, because only their consideration creates a stylish appearance.

Fashionably savvy men who don't necessarily want a checkered uniformity are best placed to focus on the color white. There is no more neutral or safer cloakroom. Every tie design, every blazer design for men, every accessory such as pocket-handkerchief or summer scarf can be designed harmoniously with the simple but never boring white shirt.

Sleek and simple, the white shirt pairs easily with our different outfits and styles. Comfortable and sober, it is a timeless part of our wardrobe and a sure bet to adopt throughout the year. It is, in fact, fundamental to give importance to the cut and the fabric of the shirt so that it can last over time.


2) The plain colored shirt

Long Sleeved Shirt with Grey Pattern

While we thought it was old-fashioned, put in the closet since the 90s, the plaid shirt has made a strong comeback in our wardrobes and is now a must-have. Whatever the type of check, associated with raw jeans, closed or open on a plain t-shirt, it will make a splash with those around you.

In addition to the all-purpose weapon white, the blue tone produces an excellent result. With a maximum of a subtle structure, made in the comfortable poplin weave and generously but not intrusively adapted to the figure of the wearer - this maintains the balance between fashionable calculation and universal preference. After all, the rather pale type wins immensely from the color blue, compared to the hard white, the contrast is much friendlier here.


3) The original or patterned shirt

Long Sleeve Pattern Shirt

Now let's take a look at patterned shirts, subtler to use, and which will allow you to enrich your style. The patterns however have considerable advantages: they play on the shapes and the volume of the garment, they accentuate the virile side as well as the cachet of the outfit. You will be able to stand out through your appearance with the Barabasmen's collection of patterns shirt. The chic and classic shirt

The shirt will then be soberer, but not necessarily austere, not too fitted, but still close to the body. We are talking about the shirt that we will wear on occasions where it is a question of showing off and displaying a certain elegance: important appointments, weddings, and other occasions where you must appear refined and distinguished.

She must exude a minimum of grace, impress discreetly, but without doing too much either.


4) The Denim Shirt


It is now a classic in the men's wardrobe. With its typical thickness and matte texture, denim adapts better and better to fitted or even fitted cuts for an elegant and masculine twist. Denim shirts have been around for well 40 years but have not always been popular. Denim shirts are made from real jeans, the same material you find on your favorite pants.

The denim shirt is worn in the vast majority of cases in a casual outfit, to choose the right denim shirt you must always check the quality of the denim and the seams which can quickly be disabling.

Note that men love to wear it in a very light denim fabric (the same weight as a classic shirt), as a tie, and in a suit. It gives very nice outfits!


5) Short Sleeve Shirt

Polo Shirt with Design

Certainly the most "professional" styles of men's shirts and worn in many jobs. The short-sleeve shirt is also in some cases a very beautiful garment that can give a very casual look. Barabasmen's collection of short sleeve shirts include unique designs if you are a lover of something out of the box

For this, it is absolutely necessary to avoid wearing a shirt that is too large, to succeed in choosing a short sleeve, you must try it, that it is well cut and not too flashy in color.


6) Men's Fitted Shirt

Red Designer Shirt

The fitted shirt for men is one of the styles of shirt worn by the majority of men who want to have a chic and neat outfit. We speak of a fitted shirt when the cut of this model is close to the body, that is to say, that there is no feeling of width at the level of the shoulders and the torso.

This shirt is the model most appreciated by modern men because it gives them a very fashionable look, however choosing the right fitted shirt is not so easy, you have to take into account your size and the rest of your outfit.


7) Designer Shirts

Long Sleeved Golden Designer Shirt

To mark yourself out of the crowd at any place, designer shirts are the option. These premium shirts from Barabasmen have some of the finest and unique designs which just seek all the attention whether it is a formal meeting, a date night, or the wedding of your best friend, these unique designs are suitable for all.