10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Must Have

Over the years, man's fashion has been brought to the notice and fashion icons are now not only limited to women. After a period of immense confusion, men are finally being able to get the perfect match for their perfect occasions. For a long time, men's fashion was considered notwithstanding to that of women but not anymore. If you are still stuck in the hyperloop of what you should wear at a party, or in a formal get-together, and still get confused over your last-minute options inside the wardrobe, this article is for you. Below we list 10 essential clothing items every man must have in his wardrobe.


Remember, loading up classy shirts and coats is just not enough for you to look out and in style. We are here to help you keep up with the trends and let your style shine in every place you visit. Going specific, you certainly don't need hundreds of different clothes in your wardrobe, but some key elements make you look better than others and also out of the box.


Now we come to a really important point for the whole system to work. The colors are decisive for how you can combine your basics and how diverse your looks will be. You start with basics in 1-2 neutral colors that go with everything such as brown, gray, and navy. Trousers, jackets, and bags should then be in these colors, but they can be a bit lighter or darker. Then they go with everything in your closet. Then you decide on 1-2 accent colors that match your previous color selection. You can then use these for accessories, shirts, or shirts, for example. All colors then match and you can combine any item of clothing with anyone.


1. Polo Shirts

Black Polo Shirt with Stripes

This is one of those men essentials for the year, a polo shirt lasts up to many years when its quality is great. It is an easy and versatile styling option, you can wear it with shorts and as we as jeans. The premium polo shirts are great for summer, especially one from Barabas, they have bold designs, vibrant colors, and some of the most unique prints. These shirts are half-sleeved and can be worn at any event. What more do you seek, this is a minimum effort that results in a great polished look, and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.


2. Jeans

Blue Jeans

The classic is of course the blue jeans. Whether casual with a T-shirt and sneakers or casual with a jacket and leather shoes. The jeans are easy and versatile to combine and a true "evergreen". In order to create the most minimalist and at the same time versatile men's wardrobe, basics are essential. They are the core of the Wardrobe and offer you the basis for your combinations and basic equipment for your wardrobe. If you like it, you can also choose a strong color or a slightly more unusual model, then it is just not so versatile anymore, but you can cope with one or two pieces of clothing. Barabas offers many varieties of jeans including rugged, drizzle,athletic premium, etc.


3. T-Shirts

Black T-shirt

As already described in the introduction, it is not always enough to just have jeans and a T-shirt. But a simple, white T-shirt shouldn't be missing in your wardrobe under any circumstances. Sporty with jogging pants in the "home-alone look" or with skinny jeans and a leather jacket, the white T-shirt is one of the most important basics when it comes to fashion.


4. Belts

Black Leather Belt

A beautiful, elegant leather belt should of course not be missing in any wardrobe. Classic, slim in black almost always fits. And if you opt for a belt made of real leather, you will have it for a few years, provided your belly doesn't get any bigger. Barabas offers unique belts, with premium quality material and an astonishing buckle.


5. Jackets

Silver Bomber Jacket

The jacket has become increasingly important, especially among young men, in the last two years. The elegant garment can be worn for the office but also for leisure and offers a number of casual combination options. Especially in tweed and checked patterns, it suits almost everyone at the moment! If you think the leather jacket is past its prime, let me tell you that this was also said 20 years ago. But the leather jacket is also an "evergreen". Whether with a casual clubbing outfit or over a white shirt with a black tie, the leather jacket does justice to almost every look. And the older a leather jacket is, the more charm it gets!



Long Sleeved Shiny Pattern Shirt

Your perfect companion in winters and as well as summers. Long sleeve shirts are suitable for almost every event, and they can be completed by companioning them with denim jeans and a pair of black shoes. Barabas offers top-notch shirts, with patterns to die for. They have bold designs, light colors, and unique prints that offer an out of the blue look to your personality.


7. A White Shirt

Casual White Shirt,

If it has to be a bit more elegant, the white T-shirt is not enough either. It has to be a shirt for that. Therefore, every man should have at least one white shirt hanging in his closet that is available for appropriate occasions. Here you should also make sure that the shirt is ironed and the collar is clean and stiffened. A wrinkled shirt is worse than any t-shirt!


8. Socks

Choosing the right socks is not always easy. Too colorful or playful can cause unwanted looks in the office. Therefore, men should have at least a pair of universal diamond pattern socks. These are actually suitable for every occasion and every outfit.


9. Cufflinks

Of course, matching cufflinks must also be found to match the shirt. Simple buttons in black or red give every shirt a certain touch and are a nice detail.


10. Accessories

Speaking of shirts and accessories, a bow tie and/or tie should of course not be missing. Whether for a wedding, for an interview, or even in your free time. The tie represents masculinity like no other piece of jewelry. - A small selection of different models is of course an advantage, but above all one should not skimp on quality. A beautiful and good tie can last a lifetime, such as the ties from Barabas.