7 Style Tips To Be A Better Dressed Man

Are your clothes pulling you down?

Don’t let them. We are here to change that equation. It is 2021. You got to package the nicest books in the nicest covers. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” has become an old fable. 

Your style will speak volumes for you even before you have opened your mouth to utter the first foods. On a casual day-out, family events, first date or job interviews. Being well-dressed creates impressive first impressions to build upon but it isn’t just about impressing other people. It will start reflecting your amazing personality and build confidence, sooner than you realize. 

Despite such promising rewards, it doesn’t always feel like an easy road. Maybe you never grew up caring about your fashion sense or working towards building your signature style. Many of us grew up wearing those comforting but fashionably disastrous loose shirts and baggy jeans that made you look more like a teddy bear in high school. 

Men’s fashion magazine models seem to have a natural knack for style. In ordinary life, the same seems like an impossible puzzle to consistently look your best. If you too feel that strain, we are here to simplify men’s fashion for you with some easy-to-follow style tips. 

7 Style Tips to Ace Your Fashion Transformation 

1. Brace Yourself for Fresh Starts 

Before we begin we should warn you that if it is your very first time joining the fashion league; you may have to start from scratch. Despite our poles-apart views on men’s fashion; that’s the first common style tip from most fashion experts for walking the miles to become a better dressed man. We are not saying you need to throw off your entire wardrobe but you may have to eventually get rid of a few favorites that are killing your fashion vibe. 

2. Get The Right Fit

If we could just give you one style tip, this would be it. Wearing the right fit immediately changes your whole look. A lot of men tend to prioritize comfort (as they should) but clothes that are too loose also make you look fatter and shorter than you really are and  give you a sluggish look. On the other hand, wisely tailored suits and nicely fitting tees and jeans help your body features work better for you. 

3. Start small with Classic Replications

“Well-begun is half done.” You don’t need to change your complete style overnight. Start small with the basics and then build upon it consistently along the way. You don’t need to beat yourself up to immediately create a personal style. It is ok to start with some classic replications and play safe to test what looks best on you. For instance, you just can’t go wrong with straight fit denim jeans with white t-shirt. On the other hand, get a tailored black or navy blue suit with white buttoned down oxford shirt underneath for a classic formal wear. Just remember to get the fittings right or even the most expensive suit would only end up letting you down in your fashion journey.

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4. Get Going with these Wardrobe Staples

When you plan your grooming regime, there is a list of must-have men’s wardrobe essentials every well-dressed man must own. Just like a concrete building, your wardrobe strength lies in a rich foundation. As you begin from scratch, versatility should be your first focus. To begin with, white shirts and t-shirts; blue and black denim jeans and a pair of versatile sneakers can serve as a good start for your new wardrobe. Also, remember to have a decent collection of both short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts besides at least one denim jacket and one stylish leather jacket. Further, add on to your wardrobe with some quintessential accessories like cool sunglasses and stylish leather belts.

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5. Rise over FAD Trends

Trends are usually our ultimate guide when it comes to buying some new clothes to stay classy and relevant. But, blindly following these trends can’t be your way out. It will only end up leading to a suffocating closet yet with nothing nice to wear. Most trendy clothes soon become outdated as trend quickly fade away in a few months like passing seasons. So, our advice remains to rather go for some evergreen classics like denim jeans, chino pants, polo shirts and leather boots. 

6. Balancing colors with neutrals

In the men's fashion arena, neutral colors like black, grey, white and navy remain your reliable best friends. Especially if the color matching drives you crazy, this one also helps you from this tiring decision making of finding the right permutations and combinations. However, after a little bit of experience you must also add some more ingredients to this neutral staple. However, just don’t have too many of these colors on display at once.

7. Expand and Experiment 

Last but not the least, there are some age-old fashion classics that never get outdated but that can’t be all that you have got. Unless you are some Apple genius like Steve Jobs; most likely you can’t get away with just wearing the same uniform turtlenecks all year long. In simpler terms, once you have your basics in place, it is time to finally have some fun. Expand your wardrobe and add variety with some daring items like a couple floral shirts for summers, plaid checkered chino pants or stylised blazers for a funky look at the parties. Just ensure you remain at an event and place appropriate as you gear to be a sophisticatedly dressed gentleman and ace the style game.

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Finally, with all these basic style tips in place it is time to put your style lessons to test and put it all together into your unique signature style. Ultimately, fashion should not just be a tool to impress but an expressive extension of you. Your style can be a great way to express your real self and remain stylishly authentic. Even if you aren’t too sure about the dressing nuances of men’s fashion, there must be some people whose fashion sense you admire or classic outfit combos that make you feel like your type. So, start giving them a shot. The cool guy next door, sophisticated CEO or a free artist; whatever it is, your style is a great opportunity to let your amazing personality come alive.

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