Men’s Trouser Styles – How To Pair Your Pants Perfectly?

A fashion novice often feels that it is all about your clothes and the coveted brands. But, there’s more to style than meets the eye. As the Gestaltian principle suggests, “the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts”. The same rule applies to your trousers and outfits as well. Having the best pants and t-shirts alone is not enough. You must also know how to pair your pants perfectly to get your style on point each day. 

If the overflowing cupboard is driving you crazy and finding the right shirt and pants combination doesn’t come so easy; don’t worry, you are not the only one facing the fashion conflict. Many of us often get our heads stuck with colors and in the end just rely on our female companions to choose our outfits for us. It is high time to break this cycle and learn some basic matching rules to pair your pants perfectly next time. 

Foundational Rules To Perfectly Pair Men’s Trousers

Contrasting opposites pave our way

Colors are the very core of pairing your pants right. Contrast should be a basic thumb rule for all beginners. Many men begin by trying to match the same colors but end up with major blunders, with the massive scope of mistakes until it is the exceptional all-black look.  

But, contrasting does not just mean throwing off two different colors at each other. So, the extension of the above rule can be effectively summed up as “Light vs Dark”. For instance, you should pair light colored shirts like white, light pink or sky blue with darker shades of pants like black, navy and chocolate brown. On the other hand, pair darker shirts like dark blue, maroon and purple with the likes of grey, beige, cream or khaki colored pants





Black Pants

White, Blue, Purple, Turquoise Green, Maroon, Yellow and Gray


Navy pants

Blue, White, Peach, Light Green, Pink and Purple


Khaki Pants 

Blue, Black, Maroon, White, Purple, Teal, Peach, Magenta and Gray


Gray Pants 

White, Black, Aqua, Blue, Light Pink, Purple, Cherry and Red 


White Pants

Black, Pink and Beige 


Cream Pants

Blue, Green and Red

Men’s Fashion Color Charts for Pairing Trousers

Chinos Pants for Men

Balancing Checks and Patterns with Plain Solids

Interestingly, opposites continue to be our thumb rule for pairing in our second style tip as well. An easy way out would be to pick lighter shades of check/pattern prints on the shirt and pair them with a darker shade in the pants. For example, you can style a light blue checkered shirt with plain, dark blue pants. On the other hand, if you also like the popular plaid checkered chino pants from Barabas; you should always pair them with contrasting solid shirts. 

plaid checkered chino pants

Unless it is a matching suit with checkered prints, we strongly recommend you against pairing patterned pants with prominent prints or checks on the shirts. Additionally, depending on your body type, bigger checks will add apparent weight to skinnier guys while stripes work best for guys with fuller bellies. In case you like stripes better, go for vertical stripes as horizontal ones are pretty outdated these days.

Finding the complementing fabric pairs

Colors and prints are crucial factors to consider while pairing your trousers but they aren’t the only ones. Besides giving you season-specific comforts, fabrics also play an important role in bringing out the color of your cloth. For example, black denim jeans would look quite different from chinos and woolen trousers.  So, to help your pairing matters, we have included a brief guide on how to get the right fabric combinations. 

1. Chinos

Chino Pants are quickly rising in popularity owing to their impressive versatility. You can easily pair your chino pants with a variety of fabrics including denim, cotton and woolen shirts. 

2. Linen

Linen fabric is used more commonly in men’s shirts than trousers. Linen shirts usually come in subtle colors and also go well with light-weight linen trousers following the contrasting color principle. You can also pair printed linen shirts with denim pants.

printed linen shirts

3. Woolen

Famed woolen fabrics, fleece and corduroy usually come in more limited shades of dark earthy colors. The winter essential trousers, made of fleece and corduroy but are also sometimes in winter shirts. These shirts should be ideally paired with chinos or denim pants. 

4. Denim

Denim jeans are obtained by making the fabric go through a specific washing procedure to get their signature colors. From dark wash navy denim to less popular whites; their colors are all that you got to worry about. Denim jeans are referred to as the most popular and versatile bottom staple for a good reason. The right denim trouser styles can go with almost all fabrics from light cotton shirts to woolen hoodies and sweatshirts.  

5. Silk/Synthetics 

Silk and synthetic clothing usually come in bright hues and are ideally suitable for shiny party wear. Their major downside is their lack of comfort as compared to other fabrics like chinos or linen. Their popular variants of silk, rayon or nylon shirts are usually paired with denim pants or cotton and silk-blend pants.


With the basic color combinations and fabric rules, you are all ready to perfectly pair your pants. You can easily elevate your style by perfectly pairing your stylish pants or men with complementing shirts or look ridiculous with the wrong color combinations. Barabas offers you the best pants for men across varied trouser types at reasonable price tags. So, hurry now to buy your next pair of trending pants for men to complete your pending pairs.