Beginner’s Guide for Men to Wearing Prints Like a Pro

Your Summer closet isn't finished when you don't have prints in it. For what reason am I saying this? As wearing prints has now become a rising pattern among all and gives you a totally extraordinary and astonishing look you need. Don’t trust me? then go on and attempt yourself, I am certain you'll be amazed wearing prints. You’ll get wide print fashion trends to try, be it a floral trend, stripe pattern, camouflage or military print, animal prints, abstract or geometric prints, and a lot more that you would love without a doubt.

Revamping your dressing style and the choice helps up your certainty when you get appreciation by simply wearing prints! But the question is how to master this skill. Um! What skill actually? The skill of wearing prints like a pro folks! Blending prints is truly complicated as one wrong choice can ruin your looks, entirely! yet by observing some rules and significant tips anybody can master this. While you may wear prints for all seasons, the best time is summer. To dominate prints, we as a whole need an ideal guide and here we are! Go on and follow this manual for wearing prints and get your print style today.

Men's guide to master wearing prints

Dressing up with prints is the most ideal and easiest approach for everyone to spruce up looks yet we all commit fashion errors while blending these print patterns. In this way, to save ourselves from making style goofs here's the guide that will help you carry prints like a pro. Before we talk about the print style guide, you should know some fascinating focuses you should know prior to purchasing prints for yourself.

Let's get started!

Interesting points before purchasing a print outfit for yourself: 

  • Mixing and coordinating with prints adequately.
  • Solid or light tones 
  • Type of print that suits you the most 
  • Perfect fit of your shirt, t-shirt, or anything
  • Knowing your estimations 
  • Comfortable texture
  • One print at a time
  • Don’t wear print head-to-toe
  • Be confident in whatever print you wear

Style with amazing Animal prints

In any design assortment, animal prints can be discovered effectively in each season. Wearing these prints is a strong move one can make. These prints ought to be worn with solid shadings like Black, white, khaki, earthy colored, or beige. Leopard print with camel tone is an ideal match, giraffe or zebra print is incredible with white/dark-hued pants, chinos, shorts, or pants. Wear just one print per outfit! This implies if you wear a panther print shirt don't attempt to ruin your style by wearing matching panther print shoes or whatever else. 

Tips: Don’t mix other animal prints, pair with solid colors, accessorize simple, wear natural-looking animal prints, and one print per outfit.

Animal prints at Barabas:

amazing animal prints for men

Styling with versatile Stripe pattern

The stripe design is quite possibly the most flexible and fabulous print fashion trend. The simplest approach to catch a pretty woman's eye if you wear it in the correct way. Stripe patterns suit everybody be it, ladies or men. This example comes in thick, little, dainty, bended, huge, straight, short, and long stripes, pick what suits you the most! We say it is an essential print as it goes with nearly everything; stripe t-shirt, polo, shirt with a pair of denim jeans, chino pants, shorts, and that's just the beginning. 

Tips: Choose stripes that suit you; horizontal or vertical, go for a thin stripe pattern, and mix this stripe design carefully.  

Barabas top stripe patterns:

 top stripe patterns shirts for men

Become more stylish with floral prints

Perhaps the most popular, delightful, and adaptable pattern among any remaining examples is our favorite floral pattern. What's so exceptional about flower prints? These are flexible, can work out positively for different prints also. You have an assortment to browse, wear a flower print shirt/t-shirt or polo shirt with some coordinating chino pants, denim jeans, Bermuda shorts, and a pair of white sneakers or loafers to get the looks you want.

Tips: match your pants, don’t wear two different floral prints together, light colors for summer and dark for winters. 

Our most loved floral items:

top floral items for men


Get your style with a military pattern

This leading pattern is a famous print fashion trend for providing a classic look one desires. These prints are for today’s up-to-date men. Team up military prints with nearly the same solid color to get your style look easy. You have military print pants, jeans, jackets, shirts, and more to style your outfit. Don’t forget to adorn yourself smartly to add more class to your looks.

Tips: Don’t wear camo prints head-to-toe, don’t mix this print with animal prints, great with white, black, and other neutrals. 

Styling tips for geometric or abstract print

Another approach to look dynamite is to pull off eye-catching geometric or abstract prints impeccably. These prints are popular and quite cool when mix-matched perfectly. If you wear an abstract or geometric prints shirt, t-shirt, or any other top, then you should wear solid colors only. 

Wear a geometric or abstract print shirt with a solid-colored chino pant, geo-print polo shirt, and t-shirts with jeans, chinos, Bermuda shorts if planning to go to the beach, and complete the look by blending your geo-print outfit with a funky pair of rhinestone sneaker, loafers or even with a pair of derbies.

Tips: Be more careful in mixing and matching geometrical prints, wear with sober colors, experiment and observe what suits you the most, and add accessories. 

top abstract print for men

Check out our top geometric prints:         


Prints are a rising design pattern that we as a whole love and this example is a closet fundamental these days that each and everyone should possess; be it ladies or men. Getting a special, intense, and tasteful look is currently simple with wearing prints! get yourself a print as you would prefer; be it botanical, creature, abstract, geometrical, or camouflage, and take your style and looks to the next level.