Refreshing Closet: 6 Trendy Summer Footwear Men Should Own

The new season requires another line-up of various things; be it clothes, food, beverages, shoes or more. However, in the present article, we'll only talk about the foundation for any outfit. Yes, you get it right! popular shoes, particularly for summers. With sweltering summer around, we need new and in-vogue shoes that are reasonable for the season and provide you the style you need. It’s time to refresh footwear closet people! What you should search for in summer shoes? Breathable comfort, versatility, quality, and obviously looks. Different events require diverse shoe types and that is without a single thought, right! since every shoe has its purpose.


A pair of white canvas sneakers are the most ideal choice for casual occasions as white sneakers are versatile and certainly a summer footwear closet essential. Heading towards the office? You’ll need a pair of leather loafers which is a great office footwear choice and this is just the beginning, you’ll get plenty of summer shoe choices to get an on-point cool style. Want to make your summer look trendy? Wear these footwear types this summer and set the hot season trend ablaze with simply your shoes! So, without further delay, let's get started!

1) Espadrilles

Looking for the most ideal alternative for summer shoes? Our popular polished Espadrilles which are by a wide edge the best option for summer shoes and are agreeable, lightweight shoes included rope sole and material. Most adored and trendy tones in this shoe class? Dark, tan, blue, and navy are the most cherished and in vogue tones that you would love.

How to style espadrilles? 

Espadrilles now become a summer style staple, give you the best look when worn with Bermuda style shorts combined with a light-hued shirt/t-shirt, with skin-fit denim jeans matched with some cool tee, with joggers, casual trousers, and even with suits! So, go on, buy espadrilles and get your summer-perfect style.

2) Leather penny loafers

Penny leather loafers are another well-known and trendy summer footwear for men. Yet, you may be wondering why? significant concern people! Since these loafers are adaptable, look classy, provide breathable comfort, prevent odor, and are even durable. Ah! what a work of art. These must-own men's shoe types can adjust casual as well as formal events with ease.

How to wear leather penny loafers?

Style these adaptable leather penny loafers suited for both formal as well as casual occasions with fitted denim jeans paired with printed medusa design shirts, polo shirts, rhinestone t-shirts, khakis, chino pants, or shorts if planning to wear these casually. Get your smart-casual vibe with these loafers.

3) White canvas sneakers

So, guys now we will talk about the most favorite, versatile, and timeless white canvas sneakers. This shoe is capable of looking incredible with everything; be it denim, t-shirt, blazer, formal trousers, and more. Amazing right? It’s a fail-safe and a must-have piece, so you should get them today if you don’t have a pair of these yet. 

How to style white canvas sneakers?

This all-season-friendly shoe looks great when combined with casual wear. Shorts are worn with a tee, khakis/chino pants with unique shirts, or denim jeans with polo shirts. You can explore different avenues with these versatile shoes as per your styling choice also.

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Summer Footwear for Men

4) Knitted sneakers

Knitted sneakers are game-changers, completely different, easy to maintain, ultra-comfy, and stylish than other trendy shoes. These knit sneakers are probably the most ideal decision for summer. Why are sneakers trendy? since you can wear them for all seasons, you’ll get breathable solace, perfect casual style, and value for money i.e., you won’t regret investing in these shoes. 

What to wear with knitted sneakers?

Choose to wear the most versatile colored knitted sneakers; white, grey, and black as these shades are highly versatile and can easily go great with your outfit. Wear these sneakers with denim jeans, shorts, chino pants, or sweatpants paired with shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, rhinestone t-shirts, and then some.

5) Leather slip-on loafers

These stylish and simple to-wear leather slip-on loafers are another popular shoe each man should possess. You can wear these tasteful loafers for a wedding with some classy semi-formal clothing, and also for a brilliant easy-going look. Top tones for leather slip-on loafers? Earthy colored or tan since these colors can be an extraordinary match for any outfit.

How to style leather slip-on loafers?

Wear these slip-on leather loafers with a shirt amazingly combined with chinos, dark-hued denim jeans with some lighter-hued shirts, t-shirts, or polo shirts, with a traditional dark or blue slim-fit suit, or with your favorite semi-formal outfit to take your looks to the next level.

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6) Derby shoes

This shoe is simply perfect! you unquestionably need derbies that are able to tackle heat on sweltering summer days. These shoes are to some degree like slip-on but with a lace-up design. Derby shoes appear to be formal however really are more easy-going shoe types, wear them casually, with formal or semi-formal clothing and be a dapper man this summer.

How to style derby shoes?

Derbies are wonderful when worn with custom-fitted or chino pants, with a dress suit, printed shirts, exemplary shirts, Greek key pattern shirts, rhinestone or medusa design shirts paired with a great denim jean, and polos. Best tones in this shoe category? Earthy-colored derbies are an absolute necessity, yet you can go for dark too for a classier look. These shoes are liked for formal occasions more. Spruce up your look by adding comfortable and classy derbies into your wardrobes now. 


Adhering to just a couple of shoe types is definitely not the right decision, that is the reason we need to change our footwear storerooms as well. During these boiling summer days, men need to know what shoes are stylish just as being breathable. So today we've listed the best 6 trendy summer shoes you should add to your summer footwear closets, today!