Best Chino Pants For Men: Where Fashion Meets Comfort

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Chino pants are a great breather if you are bored of the denim jeans staple; need something more comfortable for summers or diversify your winter collection. With the best chino pants; you can literally style them up for any look from formal & semi-formal to super-cool casuals for a number of occasions. The catch lies in buying versatile colors, premium fit and styling them well. 

Chino Pants have become quite a rage in the world of men’s fashion wear. Although “chino pants'' meaning `` still remains a popular query on the search engines. To introduce you to this amazing fabric; it is a cotton-based twill cloth that was originally used to make comfortable and durable military uniforms in Britain and France. The chino trousers later also gained popularity among the US military post Spanish-American war and have ever since made its way to civilian wardrobes too.

Best of Chino Pants Styles You Must Buy This Season

1. Lightweight Stretch Chinos

If you live in the warmer regions or looking to buy the chino pants for summer wear, our undoubted suggestion would be the popular, lightweight fabric chino pants. The stretchable fit gives you a perfect fit while the lightweight fabric promises you cool comfort.

lightweight fabric chino pants

2. Slim-fit Chino Pants

Just like we told you in our exhaustive guide for denim jeans, slim fit options are the preferred choice for chino pants as well, elevating your look irrespective of your body types. A tailored look is a major perk of our favorite chinos. Slim fit, cotton chinos promise comfort and also give you that sophisticated look.

3. Skinny-Fit Stretch Chino Pant

If there was a sphere where skinny fit jeans could actually make for a nice choice, chinos it would be. The skinny fit jeans are particularly meant for men in good shape as it compliments your physique while the cotton-based fabric and skinny-fit keeps you comfortable.

4. Athletic-Fit Chino Pants

Many guys often misinterpret slim-fit and skinny-fit pants to be equivalent to athletic fit. If you are a muscular man with a great physique, you should definitely go for the stylish, athletic fit chino pants. 

Chino Pants Essential Colors

Once you have got the chino styles right and evaluated what would suit you best, it is time to have a quick glance at the most popular colors when it comes to chino pants. 


An otherwise less-popular shade, beige pants remain the Number 1 pick when it comes to chinos. It’s a light, neutral color that goes with most other colors for a variety of casual outfits.

Grey Chinos

While beige colored pants are a great choice for a casual look, grey chino pants give you a sophisticated look for formal occasions like corporate meetings and conferences. They can also be used with button-down shirts for a semi-formal look for routine office wear. Besides the plain chino pants, you can also try our grey and brown, plaid checkered chino pants for a stylized look.

plaid checkered chino pants

Olive Green

Tracing back to the military roots, olive-colored chino pants take inspiration from the original chino pants when chino trousers were first introduced for military uniforms in earthy colors to facilitate camouflage. It is one of the shades that gives out a stylishly rugged vibe and can be paired with white shirts and tee shirts for an effortless look. 

Navy Blue

From denims and shorts to suits and pants, navy blue is a quintessential shade to have in your wardrobe. Nothing transits more smoothly the way from corporate looks to relaxed street vibe like a pair of navy chino pants. If you aren’t too sure about creating an exhaustive collection of various chino pants styles; just go for a nice slim fit pair of navy blue chinos to keep it affordably versatile.


If men could wear the same colour for the rest of their life; black it would be for at least a million men across the globe. So, it is definitely no surprise that black has made its way to our chino essentials too. Feel free to style your new black and grey chino pants in black with shirts, sweat-shirts and blazers in shades of navy blue, white and grey. While you can definitely style them with a number of other colours but these complement it the best in our reviews so far. 

black and grey chino pants


From military uniforms to fashion magazines, chino pants have indeed come a long way in the men’s fashion world. Chinos have become a wardrobe quintessential for all stylish gentlemen out there.  Cool, comfy and stylish, chino pants are the intersection where fashion meets comforts. It offers you a chance to create unique outfit ideas with rarely used shades and set new trends with the versatile chino pants. 

In a street full of denims, chino pants make you stand apart in the crowd and give your style a unique appeal. Depending on your personal style, you can choose from a variety of chino pants styles from solid colours to plaid checkered pants. It’s a must have fashion essential that is likely to stay in the trends for quite some while. The best thing is - you can style them with virtually anything from blazers and buttoned shirts to tees and winter hoodies and stay authentically stylish with the best chino pants from Barabas.