Men’s Ultimate Stylebook To Chino Pants

Comfortable, stylish and versatile – with all these envious characteristics; Chino Pants are definitely a quintessential bottoms in every man’s wardrobe. You can smartly choose to style them up or dress them down based on the look you are going for. But, that is still a paradise too far for many gentlemen! “How to style them right” – instead remains their first, immediate question when they look at the chino pants instead remains how to style them right. 

So, like always, your we are here to help you. The one thing we would particularly ask you to be careful about in advance are the color of your Chino Pants. Unlike your denims, your choice of right color and combination can easily make or break your fashion move. 

Chinos may require your picky side to come forward but their versatility and unique style make it absolutely worthwhile. You can wear Chino Pants for a number of occasions from important business meetings to first movie dates; and all the events & occasions in between. 

Relax with Denim Jackets

Chino pants are a great alternative if you are not up for the routine denim jeans for the day. But, you can definitely make it up to your favorite by styling your chino pants with a cool denim jacket for a relaxed vibe. If you are up for a completely fun day, especially if the weather seems to be unpredictable these days; this is the look to choose. Chinos do give that semi-formal vibe in isolation but a t-shirt and denim jacket does wonders in bringing out its casual breeze.

Summer Casual with White Tees and White Sneakers

If you want to create a casual look with chino pants, the simplest pick would be white tees and white sneakers. We would ideally recommend going with a pair of darker tones like olive green and darker shade of t-shirts with more neutral colored chino pants. For a change, you can also style the chino pants with various polo shirts keeping the right color combinations in mind. 

White T-Shirt For Men

Winter Style with Chino Pants

If it is cold outside and you are confused on how to style your chino pants; we have got a couple of options for you to stay fashionably warm in the winters. You can pair your chino pants with a combo of crew-neck sweaters and buttoned shirts for a smart yet more informal look. You can further layer it with nice woolen coats and pair them with leather boots

Crew-Neck Sweater for Men

The Classic Black Look 

Black would always remain the age old classic when it comes to men’s wear. If colorful outfit ideas were all you thought of, try an all-black look with black button down shirts, black chino pants and black leather boots for a sophisticated business look. However, you can also skip the black for gray chino pants or pair black chino pants with brighter shirts.

The Semi-Formal Look with Buttoned Downs

Another simple way to dress up your chino pants is to pair them with buttoned down shirts and roll up your sleeves. You can style this look with Chelsea leather boots. This look gives you an added versatility as it looks relaxed for casual occasions as well as professional enough for routine office days. But, a main thing to remember is that go for patterned or checkered shirts with plain chino pants keeping the colors in mind and contrast checkered chino pants with plain colored shirts.

Checkered Chino Pants for Men

Fashionably business with Checkered Chinos

For those of us who don’t mind experimenting around with formalwear to create fashionably professional looks; checkered chino pants from Barabas could be a great option. You can pair checkered chino pants with both round necks and collared shirts. Style it up with loafers and formal blazers in black, grey or navy blue for a more sophisticated look.


If you are still confused with the available footwear, the good news is that chino pants usually go with a variety of footwear including sneakers, canvas, boots and Chelsea leather boots. 

Getting the colors right!

Colors can literally be the style makers and style breakers when it comes to chino pants. A general rule of thumb is to combine darker shades of chino pants with brighter shirts and t-shirts; and vice-versa. For instance, navy chinos pants usually look great with white or light blue shirts and more neutral beige color with grey and dark blue shirts. You can complement your grey chinos with white, black or navy blue shirts while white and grey shirts can also go very well with good shades of green chino pants.  


If there was a sure middle path in the stylish world of men’s fashion; you would probably catch Chino pants traversing that middle ground. Traditionally, made out of 100% cotton, chino pants today are preferred better in their contemporary stretching variants. Chinos tend to look more casual than their formal counterparts and also much more neat and comfortable than the routine denim jeans. 

With our proven style tips; we promise you, your new chino pants will definitely be taking your style quotient a notch higher. There is a good reason that they are on their way to become the new staple of men’s wardrobe. With several easy and innovative outfit ideas, chino pants can literally go with almost anything. So what are you waiting for? Ace your next look with the stylish chino pants from Barabas.

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