Best jean types: that every modern man should know

In this day and age jeans are an indispensable piece of cloth in each man's closet, without that we as a whole can't say we have a total closet. We can't say ourselves modern if we don't have trendy jeans in our closets. What's the hardest part about finding the correct jeans? Finding the ideal fit for your body type, comfort, flexibility, rises, and significantly more. Jeans are classic apparel as we are wearing them for a long time and can't envision our existence without them in the modern-day world. Today we'll talk about the top jean types that each man should own.

What sort of jeans would be good to wear?

The fact of the situation is that it’s too difficult to even think about finding what type of jeans is best, as in modern times you’ll find a lot of types that will unquestionably baffle you even more. Ugh. Relax folks!  We’ve made this job easier for you. All you need to do is to keep your eyes out for the top jeans types we are sharing in this article.


Men’s top 5 jeans in 2021

There is a huge load of types to look over; Slim-fit, straight-fit, torn, trimmed, tapered, boot-cut, and on and on. Find the best and ideally comfortable type for yourself, choose from the run-down we’ve made. Before buying any type of jean for yourself consider these main points:

  • Your body types 
  • The ideal fit: know your size 
  • Is the texture utilized is of acceptable quality? 
  • Proper length and get necessary alterations
  • Is your jean adaptable or not? 
  • Trendy tones and more

Skinny Jeans

Quite possibly the most cherished and present-day jeans types are skinny fit jeans in the modern world. Comfortable with a strong proportion of stretch, this jean types a top decision among nimble men in 2021. In any case, it's not restricted to simply slimmer men, any man can wear this sort and can get that cool buddy vibes. You can improve your appearance by blending these skinny jeans with our brilliant collection of rhinestone shirts, blazers and also try our stylish sneaker range and luxury belts that hug you perfectly. 

 best skinny jeans for men

Straight fit jeans

Putting resources into quality jeans or things is something to be thankful for. Another trendy jean type in today’s time is Straight-fit jeans. These roomy and comfortable jeans are a go-to for all events which means these jeans are versatile and you can wear them on any occasion and these straight-fit jeans are ultimately durable. Take a stab at pairing these jeans with Barabas animal print or floral print shirt collection, rhinestone shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts, or any savvy piece of t-shirt. Continue to shop at Barabas to get a lot of discounts on your favorite products.

Straight-fit jeans for men


Distressed/ripped jeans  

This one is the coolest men's jeans type if the rips are put skilfully on it. These jeans are equipped for grabbing the notice of others immediately as these jeans are one of a kind. For those men who need to get that funky fellow look, this is the correct option. As the rips are as of now there to grab others' attention, wear distressed jeans with plain shirts, shirts, or sweatshirts. Check out our polo shirts and our most astute assortment of shoes to get the ideal snazzy look. Our most favorite assortment of men's ripped jeans come in numerous shades, black ripped jeans, grey-colored ripped jeans, and blue.


Wide-leg jeans

Not all folks like to wear the average kinds of jeans that all men are used to wear till now, a few men with greater thighs like to wear loose and want to go for increasingly more fashion adventures, the wide-leg type is the agreeable yet stylish choice for them which is amazingly ideal for their legs. Wide-leg jeans are loose from the top to the bottom. It's particularly for those gutsy men who don't shy to try unique. Polo shirts of the Barabas assortment can be the best partner for wide-leg jeans; with this look, you possibly can impress your young lady crush. Sounds cool right? Don’t just wait, go grab a pair right now.


Cropped jeans

Trying something new consistently excites us. Well, that’s true. Cropped jean type is another and cutting-edge jean type that’s getting an extraordinary reaction from guys like you. Nothing is wrong or weird in showing some lower leg, feel the air. Cropped jeans can be tight or free, you can pick them according to your preference. As of now, cropped jeans are the freshest one that is making their place in each man's closet quickly. Try new, be new. These jeans can be worn with any type of shoe, from sneakers, loafers, or even boots. For astonishing looks, wear these jeans with a Barabas shirt and sneaker collection.


Being modern means attempting to present day's trends and understanding what suits best for you. We've shared top options from where men can pick the best jean type for their body type and looks. Take your style up a notch.